President’s Report – November 2014

November 2014 Report – the Shortest one yet?

The Committee had a meeting in early November to discuss FasTRak and I am pleased to announce we will be adding some more information in there as a result of your feedback.

On the opposite side, my Presidents reports will also be a bit less as I am told I can go on a bit too long ? I am sorry, I am passionate about my cars and our Club.

So to keep it short, we are still looking for someone to join the Executive Committee. Don’t worry, I do not go on as long at the Committee Meetings, it is only every second month or so for an hour, and a quick catch up at events and general meetings etc.

Other than that, as this is likely the last chance to say it, I would love to wish all the TSOA Members and their families a very Merry Christmas. It seems so early to do it, but as the Christmas events are just around the corner and the Pageant has been held it is not too early and better than late.

Travel safely wherever you go, enjoy your Triumph and don’t forget to add all the upcoming events into your 2015 TSOA SA Calendar if you have one already, or purchase one soon!

Duane Kaak

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