President’s Report – October 2016

As I recommenced my semi-retirement work with Pete for the summer season from 1st October, and Margie had Children’s Week from October 21st – 30th, we were unable to participate in the Nationals this year. However, we did manage to go to Auburn for the show and shine day – wow what a great day with so many great cars. Good turnout from our club members visiting the day as well.  Thanks to the Nationals committee for an excellent day, and getting the local school involved to cook the BBQ lunch!

The day of Triumph was well run and despite the floods the week beforehand, we managed to get through the day and hoe just in time for more rain. Thanks to Ian Rigby and team for organising another great day – lots of spectators enjoyed our display as well!

Coming up is the Observation run and the Christmas Dinner – look out for more info in Trak.

Until we meet again

Bill Berlemon

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