President’s Report – October 2019

President report October 2019

A Big welcome back sent to our SA team who recently attended the WA Nationals.  For those that missed out have a read of Alex Smithson’s report and stories on the event. Great shot of Neil’s car flying the SA flag on the display day there.

Our next major event is the “TSOA display day” on the 17th November to be held at Civic Park Modbury. The follow up dinner will be on Saturday the 30th at the Edinburgh Hotel in the Victorian room, 7 High Street Mitcham. Pre-dinner drinks at 6.30pm all welcome.

We a have been lucky enough to be sponsored for this event.

The Federation of Motoring clubs SA have donated funds for the day in support to our costs.

Dino and Lisa Vettese have also been very generous and offered “50% off “meals to those that attend the event on the day at their Café Primo restaurant in the new Modbury lower dining area.

The plan to have added Triumphs on the day should hopefully increase the numbers for the public to view. An invitation was extended to the TR Register the Stag club and any Triumph belonging to members of the federation to join us on the day. This sometimes encourages new memberships and we have certainly had this in the past. Let’s hope for good weather.

I hope to have some from the Stag and TR Register clubs assist in judging this year.

Over the past month I attended the Federation Historic club meeting and an interesting number came out during a conversation regards the number of cars currently using the conditional registration scheme. Hot rod (738), L/H drive cars (1365) and those on Historic came out at an eye brow raising 56,000.  We currently have just over 300 members but when the number of Historic was mentioned it’s easy to understand why they/we harp on about the importance of keeping on top of the reporting for this. Big question is where are the rest of them? I’m sure there are some owners out there with a cattle yard full.

I also tagged along on a random TR Register run to Clare. It was an “interesting day” with a very small amount on the road.

This could have been due to their Nationals being held

At the end of that week and understandably they were probably getting their cars ready. In most respects it was a great run (cold in Clare)

On the return journey home I was lucky enough to come across the VERY expensive “Variety cars” sitting proudly outside of Seven Hill Hotel.

And with a short break over the Xmas period coming up it will be a time to gather our thoughts on what to do over the following months to entertain everyone. If you have something that you feel would be of interest please let our social ladies in on it and we will do our best to get something up and running.

Keep a look out for updates on our future events on the web.

Something already for us to consider:

This year the Federation had a run for all clubs to Wirrina and will be holding the event again next year. Apparently the event went off really well with multiple clubs joining in. The event is planned again next year on the 13th September 2020

This may be an opportunity to join in for that months run and showcase our club also.

Next year’s Nationals in NSW are to be held at the Anchorage 5-star beachfront resort at Port Stephens from 30th October to 6th November 2020.

Best regards

Ian Rigby


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