President’s Thoughts for May 2011

Just prior to the last general meeting the committee held a short meeting to sanction a few changes we have been working on over the last couple of months, and I thought the general membership should be advised even though it will not affect the day to day running of the club.

First of all Peter Davidge has been reviewing the clubs finances and how the funds are managed, and we have approved his recommendations to continue forward with three accounts that will gain an improved return on our funds and allow the treasurer greater flexibility in running our accounts. We will progressively move to electronic fund transfer and rely less on our old cheque account.

At the same meeting Peter presented, and the committee approved the budget for next year and we are please to advise that the club membership subscriptions will be held at the same level as the last couple of years, while maintaining the level of activities we have come to expect.

The weather has been kind to us on our last couple of runs and the breakfast run to Clarendon and beyond was enjoyed by all who attended, and my thanks go to Lyle and Sue for again organising this event.

The technical meeting held in early April with a practical session on spray painting was well attended with approximately 25 participants and thanks goes to John Tuohy and Richard Sutherland for planning and organising this event.

On Easter Saturday I ventured out to Mallala to watch the National Historic race meeting and again the weather was great and I had an enjoyable day watching the older cars compete in their historic events as well as several club members participating in the modern regularity events, due to another commitment I had to leave before the day was over and I am sure any results achieved on the day will be reported later in this magazine.

On the day it was pleasing to see a TR2, TR3A, TR4, TR4A, 4 x TR6’s, a 2500 estate and a Daimler Dart on display in the designated area, and while 2 of these cars did not belong to our club members the marque was again well represented amongst the 50 or so vehicles on display.

Three of the Triumph display cars took advantage of the lunch time parade and did five or six laps around the circuit under the control of a pace car, and while it was not race conditions it was a bit of a buzz to get a feel of the circuit.

Look forward to catching up soon,
‘Til we meet again

John Sampson

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