Report – Day of Triumph 2013

The Day of Triumph was held in perfect conditions with approximately 45 cars on display .

Dino Vettese who owns Cafe Primo in the TTP shopping centre offered TSOA members a $5 buffet breakfast and many members partook of a hearty breakfast before judging began in earnest.

There was particularly keen competition in the TR4/5 and TR6 classes which provided the overall winners on the day.

Thanks to Alan Gold and Lyle Taylor who collated all the scores and the team of judges who all did a splendid job.   Once again we were able to use the tent from the Girl Guides and thanks to Bill & Margie for organising this along with tables and chairs for the collators.

Thanks also to Bob Cini who once again opened up the reserve early Sunday morning to ensure access is secured, and all those members who assisted on the day.

Dean Berlemon did a great job photographing all vehicles with their owners and delivering them before the end of the event.

Congratulations to winners of the various classes who are listed below and also to the outright winners, 1st Dino Vettese, 2nd John Fricke and 3rd John Tuohy.

Trophies were awarded as per the rules which were published in TRak.

CONCOURS                          PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP
TR2/3/3A/3B           No eligible winner                         Kevin McEnroe
TR4/4A/5                1st John Fricke                             No Entry
2nd John Tuohy
3rd Greg Fiedler
TR6                         Dino Vettese                               Haydn McPherson
TR7/8                      Roger Lange                               Jack Zeunert
Spitfire/GT6            No entry                                       Kyle Lill
Stag                        No Entry                                      Mike Temby
Saloon                    John Tuohy                                 Bill Berlemon
Herald                     No entry                                      No entry
Dolomite                 No entry                                       No entry
Modified                  Dino Vettese                               Kevin Foster
Competition            Neil Martin                                  Geoff Burdon
Pre 54                     No entry                                      No entry
Restoration             No entry                                      No entry
Masters                   Roger Lange

Michelotti Trophy                John Fricke

Harris Mann Trophy            Roger Lange

Register Trophy                  No eligible entry

Herald/Vitesse Trophy        No eligible entry

Rory Gibson

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