Report – Not the Breakfast Run

Not the Breakfast run….

Well 17 Triumph’s arrived at Burnside Town Hall…yes 17 Triumph’s… (It’s the first time I can remember
ever having only Triumph’s on a run!) Waiting for instructions from Ian Rigby… as usual Ian had a great
run sheet…large font instructions and colored photo’s for intersections! So off we headed up the Freeway
to Crafers, then the back streets through Piccadilly, Ashton, Marble Hill and Montacute.

The roads twisted and turned but the scenery was fantastic, and the weather was great so no fog, or rain
(unlike the previous attempt for this event) for many people it was great to see the Marble Hill
Ruins..Although it was a fleeting visit, maybe next time our drivers might slow down enough for them to
look as well!

Down Montacute Road, to Stradbroke Road, and around the corner to Morialta Conservation Park where
parking was interesting, but in the end everyone parked and went into the park to set up their stoves to
cook Breakfast or Brunch!  A great venue and very popular, everyone had a good morning.  Thanks to Ian
and Raelene for setting such a beautiful run and a great park to complete the day!

Margie Berlemon

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