Run down South – Sun 18th August

Run down South…Sunday 18th August.

As we got into the car on the wet and windy Sunday morning with coats, and umbrella’s I wondered why I
was doing this, and not staying in front of the fire with a book?  Well it’s because the run has been set,
people are expected to go, and well we were off….

People gathered at the ‘Top of Taps’ despite the blustering conditions, and Rory and Sue gave out the
instructions…I was happy because the first stop was to be at the Meadow’s Bakery…ah….Coffee….

So off we set through Clarendon, and the rain and onto Meadows where we met up in the dry for
Coffee….(despite the slippery wet floors, it became very noisy in the Bakery with some 23 Triumph fanatics
enjoying the coffee and a chat)

Off we set again, through Ashbourne, in the rain, and onto Nankita Road through the luscious countryside
with so much water…the dams were all full, as were most of the paddocks! Then we hit the fog, water
over the roads, and many side of the road waterfalls…it was very scenic despite the conditions.  We went
through McLaren Flat, onto the Blewitt Springs Road, Kay’s Road, past the wineries through the back area
of McLaren Vale and then onto McLaren Vale to the Pub for Lunch. A good meal was enjoyed by all.
Despite the bad weather conditions, the run was suburb, and Rory and Sue did a fantastic job…it was great
to see a few Triumph’s attend….ours was warm, dry and handled the conditions well, after all it is a British

Margie Berlemon.

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