SOCIAL SNAPSHOT – December 2015


Well the NSW Nationals are done and dusted and I am sure a good time was had by all those who attended.   There were a few “minor incidents/mechanical failures” but generally things ran smoothly.   The weather, unfortunately, was not the best with some inclement and cold weather, but this did not stop the action.    South Australia came up TRumps winning the Iron Man TRophy – congratulations to those who participated in the various Ironman events.   Most of the SA delegates left on the Saturday morning heading home via Hay and others had other places to go to and people to see.   Rory & I went to the Blue Mountains and spent 3 nights in Wentworth Falls with friends, but boy was it cold – we had the combustion heater on each night and this is November.

As Peggy mentioned at the last meeting the ladies’/partners lunch was very well attended and it was nice to see Lorraine & Greg out and about.

By the time you this is posted on the website, the annual Observation Run will have taken place and I wonder who this year’s winner is??   Hope they realise they have to set next year’s event and to win they needed to be driving a TRiumph.   The run was set by Peter & Julie Davidge and as I write this I have no idea where they are taking us.

The Christmas Dinner and Trophy Presentation is fast approaching and, again, is at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club at Seaton.   This venue seems very popular hence we have had no change over the past few years – however we are always open to suggestions.

The Annual After Christmas Run is going to Links Lady Bay at Normanville.  Whilst we have been there before the food and service was good, so we have opted to return.   We will do a similar route but as we are meeting later we are not stopping for a coffee on the way.  Hope to see you there.

All upcoming events are listed on the website calendar and are also included in the next issue of TRak.

We wish you all a Safe & Happy Christmas and hope to see you out and about in your TRiumph in the near future.

Cheers Sue (and Peg)

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