Socially Speaking – April 2013

The mid week run on the 6th March went well and ended up at Hahndorf for coffee. The club run on the 17th March set by Dean and Tammy went well, and despite the cooler weather at Tenafeate Winery, the wood oven pizza and brushetta’s were delightful.  Many members tasted the wines and several bottles were purchased to consume at a later date. Thanks Dean and Tammy for putting the run together – a great first effort!

The next club run is the Annual Breakfast (Now Brunch) run on April 21st meeting at Burnside Town Hall at 9.00am….remember to bring along your food, tables, chairs, coffee etc to make this an enjoyable morning!

Mid Week run is set for Wednesday 8th May, meeting at Suzette’s at Burnside – see advert for more information.

May 5th is the MSCA 6 hour regularity at Mallala…come along and support the racing members..I am sure you will be most welcome. Support staff will be needed for the day – Contact Rick.

The Annual Weekender is fast approaching (May 25th and 26th) and Margie and I have set the run and confirmed all the bookings.  Remember this is the normal two day event..Saturday and Sunday.  Please bring your money to the April meeting but phone us now to place your booking.

The June run is set for Sunday June 16th.  Rory has organised for us to go to the ‘Sir Thomas Playford ETSA Museum’ at Kurralta Park. The Museum is dedicated to the collection of machinery and apparatus used by the Electricity Trust of South Australia (ETSA) and previously the Adelaide Electric Supply Company (AESCo), in the generation, distribution and use of electricity in South Australia. Further to that, the museum has a collection of commercial appliances and electrical equipment, which used electrical energy. The collection includes over 800 exhibits dating from the late 1890’s and throughout the 20th century. The museum collection includes a comprehensive range of electrical test instruments and energy meters covering early d.c. equipment used extensively in the late 1800’s through to the latest electronic instruments. A large collection of photographs of various AESCo and ETSA power stations, buildings, transport and activities is held along with house magazines from the first edition in 1925 until the last of the “Adelects” printed.

Birthday greetings to: Dean Berlemon, Sue Smithson, Trina Temby, David Treen, Judie Long, Sue Gibson, Dennis Hawkins, Helen Allnut, John Allnut

Till next time.

Bill Berlemon

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