Sporting Triumphs – December 2010

Another year has flown by and Christmas is once again looming.

From a club competition point of view, I congratulate the worthy winners of the Drivers and Competition Trophies. You will find out who they are at the Christmas dinner, if you haven’t already worked it out.

Personally, I have accomplished a lot this year. Life does get busier the older you get. So busy in fact, I have not had either of my race cars out this year. I have however been to the Phillip Island Historics, Lake Gairdner Speed Trials, the Bruce McLaren Revival in New Zealand and the Goodwood Revival and Mallory Park All Triumph Race while in Europe. By the time this is in your hands, I will also have returned from the Tasman Revival at Eastern Creek. I also attended the Ballarat and Bendigo Swap meets. I have thoroughly enjoyed these ventures sampling just a smidgen of the huge variety of motoring/car enthusiast venues out there.

To 2011. Peter Lehmann picnic day is scheduled for 20th February. Lets see if we can win best club display again. See details elsewhere.

We have interest from interstate for the 6hr relay race at Mallala. There will be lobbying for more interstaters to take part in this event likely to occur on 20th May. It is just possible we may be sporting two Triumph teams. Lots of work to be done between now and then though.

We may have a new sprinter about to come out of the woodwork. Work is progressing on the TR3A salt lake racer. Rod Carey is in the search for more speed from his GT6. Roger Lange is debating which way to turn in putting together another race motor for his GT6. Neil Martin will continue to show his regularity and sprinting enthusiasm in the TR7V8 and Tom Hutchinson in his TR8 will once again fly the flag for Triumph in the racing scene. We mustn’t forget Andy Ansell who crosses borders to get to SA’s 6hr.

As for me, well I am debating the merits of cheap cubes versus an expensive Triumph motor. If my garage and house extensions go to schedule I will be back out there next year.

2011 is also likely to see Roger and myself (maybe Rod also) take part in the MG & Invited British Series.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family. May 2011 be Triumphant for all.

Trevor Lindsay

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