Sporting Triumphs – July 2011


25 – 26 June Wakefield Park

Six cars left for Wakefield Park on Thursday 23rd June comprising our entire TSOA(SA) racing contingent for the annual All Triumph Race and Sprint. The trip over and back is split into two parts with an overnight stop at Hay. We rolled into Hay around 4:30pm and registered at the motel then met up at the hotel for refreshments and a game of pool before meandering into the restaurant for an enjoyable evening meal. This was followed by viewing of racing videos at the motel.

Up early Friday morning, we sauntered across to the bakery for breakfast around 7am and departed for Goulburn around 8am. Lunch was at the Tucker Box near Gundagai and we arrived at the track about 3pm to off load the cars and equipment in locked garages fronting pit straight. After pre dinner drinks and more videos, we all met up for a meal in town, then back to the motel for more drinks and videos.

Saturday morning was down to business after clearing the ice off our transporters. The track is approximately 15 minutes out of town and started out foggy The sprint was postponed until 11am due to poor visibility. It was also cold – very cold. This gave the opportunity for a group walk around the track for many. There were 104 entries comprising of Sports Sedans, Lotus, Mazda, Jaguar Healey and many Triumphs amongst others. Track conditions improved once the sun came out and dried the wet patches. The SA contingent (which included the sons of Rod Carey and Bryan Young) placed as follows:-

3rd Trevor Lindsay – GT6

15th Roger Lange – GT6

60th Rod Carey – Spitfire

66th Neil Martin – TR7V8

74th Michael Carey – Spitfire

93rd Robin George – TR7V8

94th Daniel Young – Vitesse

104th Bryan Young – Vitesse

Most of us attended a group dinner that evening at the Old Brewery. More drinks and videos followed after at the motel.
Sunday morning was clear and cold. After once again clearing ice of the windscreens, we headed back to the track for the All British Race Meeting. Bryan, Robin and Neil competed in the Regularity events as they didn’t have roll bars for the racing events. Out of four runs, Bryans best placing was 14th and Robin and Neil both gained a  2nd placing.

Out of 22 cars, Roger ended up with 4th position after conclusion of the All Triumph Race with Rod in 16th and myself in 1st. Rogers other two races were spoilt by suspected faulty distributor rotors ending in DNF’s. Rod scored a 7th and 16th in the other events and I scored two 2nd placings.

We all had some minor gremlins to overcome apart from Neil. I had a fuel leak that was found and fixed before racing commenced Saturday and found a way to make my tyres work better. My Dorian timing unit also packed up.

Roger had his rotor button issue (we think?), Rod had to replace a fuel pump, and Bryan lost his fanbelt causing overheating. Robin developed some oil pressure issues and an oil leak.

Sunday night we had a good feed up within walking distance of the motel and celebrated what was 2 days of great fun (plus more videos and refreshments afterwards).

Pressure off, we had a sleep in and relaxing start to Monday morning. After a lunch stop at Narrandera, we met up again at Hay around 4pm and showed those not yet acquainted with it – the old Hay Jail and Museum. After dinner, you guessed it, more of the usual. Roger left early Tuesday morning (Bryan never stopped), Rod and Neil paired up to return via the Riverland and Robin and myself kept each other company returning via Pinnaroo and the freeway. I was home by 4pm.

Another great weekend that brought smiles to everyones faces at one time or another. Bring on 2012.
3 July MSCA Sprint Mallala

Rick Staehr, Peter Davidge, Arrand Ellery, Peter Berlemon, Rod Carey, John Sampson, Andrew McNeil and myself did our duty for the TSOA on what was a windy but fine day at Mallala. I personally enjoy this activity and know many others also do, though it is a time eater. Perhaps next time we can draw a raffle at the preceding GM and the six prize winners get to wave flags and eat out at the track. Just a suggestion.

Neil Martin was the sole representative of the Triumph marque on track and was well observed by all the TSOA flaggies around the circuit. I was impressed at how well the TR7V8 pulls up under brakes.

Well done to our volunteers. The TSOA, MSCA and myself appreciate your efforts even if the majority of our membership is apathetic to the cause.


16 July Come and Try Day Collingrove Hillclimb

17 July Winter Cup Rd 2 Collingrove Hillclimb

7 August Winter Cup Rd 3 Collingrove Hillclimb

14 August MSCA Sprint Rd 3 Mallala


22 July Sporting Car Clubrooms

The SCCSA is holding a Competition Night commencing at 7pm in their clubrooms to discuss the latest in motorsport including Tailem Bend, rule changes, scrutineering etc as well as an interview with Trevor Pound and trade displays. All interested parties are welcome


Trevor Lindsay

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