Sporting Triumphs – July 2013

The Mazda MX 5 club was rostered to do flag duty at the 2nd round of the Super Sprint Series at Mallala in June and they turned up in force.

Over 30 MX5 members attended and most had never been to the Mallala circuit before. Needless to say that they had every flag point well and truly covered. Their club made this day an official club run with some stopping for morning tea at Virginia Nurseries and arriving at the track just in time for a club supplied lunch cooked on site in one of the pit garages. All members were invited to do parade laps with passengers around the track at lunchtime. The only time I have seen more cars doing parade laps was at an Easter meeting. The advantage this club had with such an attendance was that they could take turns at flag marshalling and didn’t have to be at the track all day if they didn’t wish.

Feedback I got from the organiser of the MX5 club (Dennis Hawkins . . .can you believe it! Ed) was that their members had a very enjoyable day and enjoyed doing something different.

Perhaps the TSOA may like to do something similar? The weather should fine up late August to have the top down for a run around the track at lunchtime and to have a picnic on the grass. Don’t forget it is the TSOA’s rostered turn to do flag marshalling on Sunday 25th August.

I did notice the TSOA had one spectator at this race meeting who lifted the bonnet of his GT6 to show some interested parties. This member is also an active viewer of the TSOA Website.

On to things competition, we had 75 cars entered for this round. Numbers have been down for the last 2 seasons, something to do with tough economical times I expect. Our two regular TSOA competitors again entered. Neil Martin did his best time of the day in run 3 with a time of 1:27:91. I spoke to Neil at the lunchtime break and he was frustrated that with all the upgrades he had done to his car he couldn’t eclipse his best time, however he did go faster in the afternoon sessions. Duane was frustrated for another reason, being held up by slower cars in the morning sessions. Duane’s best time of the day was 1:30:47 in run 2.

The next round of the Super Sprint Series could see the return of an orange GT6 that has received a complete engine transplant. Early reports suggests that the new engine is producing some promising results on the dyno. Welcome back Rog.

Until next month.

Cheers, Rick Staehr

Coming Events

13th July           Come & Try Hillclimb Collingrove

14th July           Hillclimb Multiclub RD 2 Collinggrove

21st July            MSCA Super Sprint RD 3

4th August         Modern Regularity Mallala

25th August       MSCA Super Sprint RD 4 TSOA rostered for flag marshalling

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