Sporting Triumphs – June 2012

The annual MSCA 6 hour regularity event is the only competitive motor sport event that allows all club members, who wish to volunteer, to be involved in a true team activity. This year’s event was supported by an enthusiastic team of volunteers, Bill and Dean Berlemon, Arrand Ellery, Peter Davidge, Rod Carey, Tom Bills, Maree Staehr, Roger and Cherri Lange. Cherri provided morning tea and lunch to all competitors and the pit crew whilst Maree assisted with lap scoring in the control tower.

Roger, who was the appointed team manager, gave a team briefing to everyone on their responsibilities for the day and said that the objective of the day was to have fun. As the day unfolded each competitor performed admirably and their cars proved reliable adding to a pleasurable day. It was a pity the weather turned sour later in the day with light rain and drizzle falling.

The change in weather altered the tactics of a lot of teams including Team Triumph. Our 2 rookies Bruce Astbury and Duane Kaak found the conditions rather trying.  Mr. Consistency, Neil Martin didn’t seem to be deterred by the increment conditions and continued to set consistent lap times. Paul Williams entered his TR9.44 otherwise known as a Porsche 944 and Andy Ansell travelled from Victoria with his Triumph TR7.

Robin George was entered for the event and burned the midnight oil repairing his engine only to find late on Saturday that it wouldn’t start. The problem was traced to the starter motor solenoid. Finding another solenoid wasn’t a problem but fitting it was, when Robin discovered that the engine had to be removed from the car. As there was no time to remove and refit the engine he had to inform the team that he was a scratching for the day. Fortunately Duane Kaak arrived at the track complete with car, licence, helmet and everything required to race. All that was needed now was for Roger to sweet talk the race secretary, Sue to allowing Duane to race as a late entry. Lucky for our team Roger’s sweet talking worked and Duane was allowed to race.

Our team finished a creditable 10th on the day but more importantly we achieved our objective of having Fun!

Cheers   Rick Staehr

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June 17th     Round 2 MSCA Supersprint Series Mallala

June 24th     Modern Regularity Mallala

July 7th        HQ Enduro Mallala

July8th     Round 3 MSCA Supersprint Series Mallala

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