Sporting Triumphs – November 2009


Phillip Island 26/27 Sept

Wild and variable conditions hosted Round 4 of the Victorian Motor Racing Championships. Whilst leading the pack in Race 1 and full of confidence in wet conditions, Tom Hutchinson (TR8) spun off the track at Lukey Heights into the gravel trap assisted by oil dropped by a fellow competitor. After this it was a matter of wrong tyre choice in the constantly changing wet/dry conditions and Tom was continually caught out so elected not to continue. Lyn Punshon, a fellow South Australian in a Cobra, destroyed his wet tyres and as there were no more available elected to race on slicks in the last race – a wet start. However the conditions changed to dry and he won that race. Such was the gamble on tyre choice over the whole weekend. See ‘’

Mallala  MSCA Sprint Rd4 25 Oct     Rod Carey, Roger Lange and myself took our GT6’s out for the last time this year. There was a full field of entries that varied from the older historics to every day drivers and modern race cars. None of us had any problems and all did respectable times. I am still out on whether my change from a 4.1:1 diff to a 3.7:1 diff was an improvement as my 2+ year old tyres have now lost their edge. My best time of 1:18.04 was 1.5 secs of my best. However, I didn’t run out of revs this time.


Mallala Racing 14 Nov       This is Round 4 and the final round of this years State Race Championships. It is a Saturday twilight meeting that generally starts around midday and extends into the evening. Come up for a look.

Classic Adelaide 18 – 22 Nov       There are still only two confirmed Triumph entries so far this year being Stephen & Ginetta Rochester in their TR3A and Steve Fisher in a TR7. See ‘’

MSCA Tentative Calendar For 2010

Skills Enhancement Day:                      Sunday 21st February

Round 1:                                               Sunday 28th March

6 hour:                                                  Sunday 30th May

Round 2:                                               Sunday 4th July

Round 3:                                               Sunday 8th August

Advanced Driver Training:                   Sunday 19th September

Round 4:                                               Sunday 24th October


Strathalbyn Swap Meet       A note to myself. Next year get there well before midday or the show will have been and gone.

the-roadster-factory      My parts arrived safely and I am particularly impressed with the quality of the rubber products. Much better than I have previously received from the UK.

World Championships       Hopefully Casey Stoner (Aus) has come third in the MotoGP bike championship after missing a number of races with a mystery illness. Mark Webber (Aus) has secured 4th position in the F1 world championship. Not bad results for a small populace.

Car Movements            Following the exodus of the ex Dennis Hawkins GT6 racer to Queensland a little while ago, Tom Hutchinson’s Mk11 GT6 race car has followed suit. (And then there were three!). However, a fellow work mate has just acquired a yellow Mk1 Spitfire from Queensland. Hope to see him as a new club member soon.

Presidential Rumblings            It would appear one of our fold has caused a stir amongst our MG brethren by recent remarks published in this magazine. The offender was seen pushing an MG to try jump starting it at the October MSCA meet – perhaps somewhat tongue in cheek. Another racing year has drawn to a close. It would be nice to see some new faces from our fold on the track next year. If you think you may be interested, please give me a call and I will allay your concerns.


Trevor Lindsay

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