Time to do a little maintenance on the TR8

The fuel sender unit will not read Full when filling the tank.  Need to check the sender unit with the tank empty.

To remove the tank with room to work, the rear axle was removed.

When the fuel pump had been flooding the Carburettors, I fitted an external pump with the plan of fitting an original in-tank pump when I could source one.

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  1. Roger Says:

    Thanks for posting Richard! I am sure there are plenty of other TSOA members who are in their garages tinkering with their Triumph/s – come on people! How about a few more stories shares in this medium!

  2. Ian Rigby Says:

    Great Job Richard. Its always the little things that take time to get to. I think there will be lots of this going on in sheds all over the state. I’m not so lucky. I did however spend all of last Saturday fine tuning my order for the gearbox and overdrive build on the Saloon, so hopefully the plane arrives soon and i can get the story up. Its hard to believe its nearlly been a year into the process.

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