TSOA 2016 weekender

TSOA Annual Weekender
After a long 10 years hosting this event Bill and Margie Berlemon have done it again. Not only did they turn on great weather they also provided a value packed itinerary.
The day started at Burnside Town Hall where 36 adults, 5 children and Quinlan the dog arrived in a variety of cars with a good mix of Triumphs. Progressing up the freeway we arrived a “Melbas Chocolate Factory” for Coffee and chocolate cake and the start of the traveling food fest.
It wasn’t long before a local turned up with what can be described as a very worn out, tired TR7 on a trailer and the owner then attempting to sell it off.
Several of our senior members gave it the look over and thought better of it.
We were told that it did run, REALLY!!
We were then back on the road through Woodside, Nairne, Littlehampton and onto Murray Bridge where we stopped for lunch at “Sanctuary Café.
The service was very friendly and the meals came out quickly.
On leaving the café we were on the road to Mannum to “Serenity Nursery”. Well worth a look if you’re interested in anything for the garden even an Elephant or 2.
Just before we stopped for the day, some of us took a short break to look over some Vintage Speed Cars displayed in a very interesting shed full of other memorabilia. Not only did he have an impressive collection of cars he wasn’t short of a cap or two either. There were several rows hanging from the roof and apparently you can never have enough.
We all arrived to our destination for the night at the Mannum Motel opposite the caravan park.
Before the evening meal and after a few wanderers came back from the main street, we gathered outside Sue and Rory’s cabin to have a few wines and tastings while Rory and Sue gave an importuned quiz night. Let’s say we would never win on “the chase” but all involved gave it a good go.
The evening meal was at the community Club in the main street and as usual we did not go hungry.
Early morning on Sunday had us down by the river at the local rowing club, where we were met by locals who served us up coffee, bacon & Eggs for Breakfast.
It was then onto the river cruise aboard “MV Jester” for a very relaxed cruise up and down the river. They entertained with a very comprehensive discussion about the history of Mannum, the floods and wildlife.
Departing the boat we then headed up to the Information Center where we all took in a tour of the museum. Never guessed it had all that inside and we have been driving past this building for years. Goes to show you need to stop and check things out more often.
Back down to the river for a BBQ lunch, held by the local Lions Club.
A few of us then ventured to the lookout. Another spot we have never bothered to look at before now and it really does give another perspective of the river and I must say it’s looking a lot healthier than the last time we were there at a family members shack.

Oh and one local who has more time than most and apparently an endless supply of corrugated iron, filling his front garden with all sorts of artworks.
Fast trip down the hill back to Auchendarroch house for, you guessed it, coffee and cake. Just in case we hadn’t filled up enough over the weekend.
That’s it until next year and I’m sure if we are lucky we will have another one to look forward to.
A big thank you must go to Bill and Margie, from all who attended, and for all their efforts in putting together another wonderful weekend.
Ian, Raelene and the weekender group.

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