Vice President’s Report – August 2010

With our President Roger gallivanting around the world at this time, the task of the normal Presidents report falls to me as Vice-President.  So here goes!!

There was a TRremendous roll up at the July meeting and I wanted to think that it was because word had got around that I was running the meeting, but unfortunately for me the great roll up was actually due to membership renewal and Logbook update.

Just as a reminder…. for those of you with historic registration please be aware that your Logbook requires updating by 15th August or your rego becomes invalid / illegal after that date, for more details refer to the reports from Tom Long in the last few magazines.

As you are all probably aware, the August meeting is our AGM, which means that another year is over, and I think you will all agree it has been another very successful year.  We have had many great Sunday and midweek runs, some very special premium events like the Tony Esau Memorial Run, the Weekender and Day of Triumph, and we have also had our loyal contingent representing the club on the track.

Thanks must go to all of the office bearers and other members who have in any way contributed to the running of the club and its events for the last year.  Without this loyal band of very capable people the club would not be as successful as it is.

Our membership is growing and participation at events is strong, and there is healthy discussion by members of the club as they endeavour to enhance, improve and support the TSOA with its current and upcoming activities.

The challenge for the incoming and ongoing committees is to continue to grow, improve, develop and support the membership and activities for all sections of our membership.

Again, I reiterate that it is not too late to help mould the future of your club by nominating for a position on the committee, or to offer help with other supporting activities. Constant rotation of committee and other ancillary positions has the potential to introduce new and different ideas to add to the already successful and established formula to which we have become accustomed. Let me assure you that it is not a daunting task and it can be very rewarding.

On  a more personal note and although this is not normally a forum for recommending other organisations, I would like to suggest that members give consideration to RAA Premium membership if they are travelling long distances, particularly when driving Classic vehicles.  A short version of a recent personal experience which leads me to make this suggestion is as follows:

Travelling with my caravan to Queensland in the past few weeks, I stopped my car (not my TR) whilst we had a short break, when I went to re-commence my journey I found that the vehicle would not start again.  We were approximately half way between Wilcannia and Cobar, in other words, in the middle of nowhere!  I contacted the NRMA/RAA who sent the Cobar representative out with a Tray top truck and a Nissan 4WD to rescue us.  With approx. 12 man hours and a total of 680Km to get my vehicle and van back to Cobar I was a little worried about the cost, but as it turned out , the cost was nil out of my pocket. The local NRMA/RAA representatives were great and I was very grateful that we had upgraded our RAA membership.

From my experience, if you are travelling long distances, I think it is worth giving serious consideration to what the RAA has to offer.  By the way…….we now have a new starter motor.

The TSOA Nationals are in about 6 weeks and those going should be starting to work on their car to ensure a smooth and safe run to Kangaroo Valley in NSW and back.

On a sadder note, we pass on our condolences to Kevin and Sue Foster for the lost of Kevin’s father who passed away in recent weeks, our thoughts are with you both at this time.
That all for now…………. John Sampson

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