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A lady named Georgia approached our friends at Power tune who suggested she talk with me. After discussing her request I suggested she come and have a look at our display event this year. Unfortunately dental issues stopped her from talking with me directly but she has since contacted me again after looking over some pictures of the day I had sent her. Her request was to have historic cars for her wedding and if we could help. Turns out she has asked to have My saloon and I’m asking if their is anyone else that could help with transporting 8 people from Port Willunga to the wedding in Willunga. Naturally there is no payment to us, we just get to have an afternoon short run with someone having a wedding. If your interested please contact me on 0417085083. The time is 2.50pm at Port Willunga on the 24th November. Regards Ian Rigby TSOA President.

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  1. Duane Kaak Says:

    Your Saloon will be super smooth now with all the suspension work. Im keen to sit in for a ride sometime soon.
    I’m happy to help, any excuse to drive my Triumphs. My Stag still has the hardtop roof on which makes it squishy for full sized adults, I can take it off if needed. What about like Alex’s daughters wedding, we get a convoy of Triumphs and each take a passenger?

  2. Ian Rigby Says:

    That would be a great idea we just need volunteers. I had the thought that we could take the ladies with us. Drop them to a café around lunchtime and after the wedding run pick them up for the cruise home. Sort of like a mini day run. I had a chat with her and she is very thankful that we can help. Cheers Ian

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