2007 Classic Adelaide Rally

This year’s event came to a close on Sunday 25/11 after four fun filled days for competitors and spectators alike. Unfortunately, luck was not on the side of Ian Wilson and Jahmeil Taylor, with the TR7 V8 sliding off the road on loose gravel during the first stage after lunch on Sunday. The car protected both Ian and Jahmeil from injury, but was destroyed in the rollover that ensued. Ian remains optimistic about the future, and is thankful for a strongly built and engineered car that left them sore but not seriously injured. Ian’s Rally had not gotten off to a great start with a broken shocker mount causing some grief on Day 1. However, after repairs, the TR7 was very competitive, with several fastest section times recorded over the following days. What a pity it had to end the way it did. Comiserations Ian and Jahmeil, and better luck next time.

There was not much joy for the other Triumph entrants, with the Queensland team of Rochester (TR3A) showing as a DNF and Steve Fisher’s TR7 V8 having to retire after looking and sounding great early on. Good news for our Peter Nelson (TR8) and Peter Jaede who finished 6th in the Regularity section – well done to the two Peter’s.

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