2015 Day of Triumph Update




Final update for our 50th year “TSOA Display day”

When: 25th October.  Where: Wrigley Reserve Glenelg.

Entry is via the roundabout at the end of Anzac Highway.

Times: I will be there around 7.30 ish for set up. Cars to position can be from 8 a.m. but need to be in place preferably by 9.30 so we can do a call to arms and start judging at 10 a.m.

Cars on trailers are no problem but we may need to put the towing cars on the paved area. I have permits for these cars. Cars on display do not need permits.

The club tent will be in place but to a limited area, so please, as this is a requirement by council see me if you do bring one as I need to control the placement and we may need to restrict to the size stated on the acceptance to the reserve.

We will have our Regalia for sale on the day so bring money.

We also have David from “Coffee N Cookies” Selling –

Cappuccinos, etc

Cookies / slices hot dogs

Toasted sandwiches


Flavoured waters

Soft drinks


HISTORIC INSPECTIONS:  These will be available on the day.

Both Kevin Foster and Colin White will be there to help you get this requirement done.

You will receive a sheet to keep on your car window so that the guys have clear vision who wants this done.  Keep an eye on your car so when they get to it meet them and you can show them the documentation they need. (Log book and Rego Papers)


I also have a very short questionnaire regarding this event for next year and need your input so I can present the outcome to the committee.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the day.


Ian Rigby


6 Responses to “2015 Day of Triumph Update”

  1. Roger Says:

    Should be a great day for our marque! Every TSOA member with a Triumph should be there to support the club and their classic car interest. No excuses!

  2. Ian Rigby Says:

    Additional info just received. People will need registration papers on the day for the historic inspections with their log book. Regards Ian

  3. Iain Kennedy Says:

    Hi, this year will be my first year at the day of triumph. Do I need to register or just show up on the day?

  4. Roger Says:

    Iain, just come and be a part of the day – no need to pre-register. Consider entering your Triumph in either the Pride of Ownership or Concours – nothing to lose and everything to gain!

  5. Iain Kennedy Says:

    Thanks Roger.

  6. Ian Rigby Says:

    Remember to have your roof up for judging see you all on the day. Ian

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