2015 TSOA Barossa Weekender

2015 TSOA Barossa Weekender

Day one: Friday.

For those that missed this year’s weekender the following is a bit of what you missed, it’s also a refresh for those that were lucky enough to enjoy what was once again a well organised and executed effort by Bill and Marg Berlemon.

We called it a weekender but it was more like a mini Nationals.

The Friday had us up early meeting at “The Feathers hotel” at 9am. With the cars packed and polished for the event the weather wasn’t too bad, a little brisk but any time off work is always good. (That’s for those that do still work.)

There were 44 adults and 4 children driving all cars of all shapes and sizes 11 of them Triumphs and one Sunbeam. It’s always nice to have a little sun.

First port of call was the “Pomegranate Cottage Café” for morning tea. Word of warning, if you do happen to venture out on one of these weekends you need to be very resilient to the amount of food you are about to consume. Back in the cars we headed out through several little towns and ended up at the “Herbig Family Tree” home (literally) to some of our earlier settlers. Back out on the road we travelled through Williamstown and onto Lyndoch where it was time for lunch at the “Monkey Nut Café” at Kies Family Winery.

After a pleasant stop, it was back on the road through Tanunda, Nuriootpa and heading towards Truro we stopped in at “Wolf Blass Wines” for a little tasting session, some of us just happy with the coffee and chocolate treats.

After a short stop we all moved onto “Luhrs Cottage” a little place built from mud and straw with a framework of red gum beams. Nice little place set up with rooms of old items used in the days when it was a lived in home. “You needed to duck no matter how tall you are”

It was now time to head through the hills and country side to the nights stop in Tanunda.

After booking in we all met for the first evening’s meal cooked for us by the operators of the park. With some discussion over a few bottles of wine and our day done most hit the rooms for an early bed. Thank you to everyone from both Chuck and me for the birthday cakes, we won’t go into the numbers only that they are getting up there. Lucky we only had sparklers and not candles especially on chucks   😉

Next morning a few of us were up to cook the morning breakfast. Think I found the slowest BBQ in Adelaide. After feeding it several 20 cent pieces over time and fighting the hot plate (I use that term loosely) we had the hungry crowd gathering. I think it took around 15 minutes to cook four eggs so our standby team in the community room finish them off while Dean and I cooked the Bacon.

Day 2: Saturday.

Out on the road again heading to Bethany and onto the “Farmers Markets” I think everyone had a good time fossicking around all the local tasting plates and talking with the locals. With the morning shop done and the fresh veg in the boot we were off again to Angaston for lunch at “D&Ms Bakery.” We all strolled up and down the street and ended up at the local Blacksmith shop for an exhibition on bashing steel into different shapes. I liked how the old guys had the young kids on the bellows priming the fire. This also allowed the women to catch up outside and have another chat.

The next destination and yet again more food, was at “Gully Gardens” where we had a bit of an informative session on the dried fruit process and a history lesson on their business. After a bit of shopping in the front store room we all headed out and back to the park but not before passing through and a short stop in Bethany being the oldest German Settlement in the Barossa.

Saturday night started with another wine tasting provided by “Whistler Wines” They saved the day after the original winery pulled out at the last minute. Not to be beaten Bill took up the challenge and with a bit of help from the Parks owners he scored a hit. The feast was a full roast dinner provided and cooked by one of the local farmers. Sorry forgot to take down the name but if you do have a function in the area see Bill for the contact you won’t beat it.

We all rolled out of the community room back to our accommodation to get ready for the final day.

Day 3: Sunday.

Another Breakfast of pancakes, cream, Jams, toast and cereal had us filled primed and ready to pack up and head out for the last days events.

Heading out to “Seppeltsfield wines” we arrived a bit early for the openings, so we all had a bit of time to walk the magnificent grounds and also take in the local Knife maker. Once open, several braved the challenge for a bit more wine tasting (bit early for most but never let it be said we don’t support the locals.) Others had time to browse through the Jam Factory looking at the art displays. After another coffee downed we headed out to “Maggie Beers” for a look at the preservatives and yes more wine tasting.

The last part of the day had us out to Greenock to the “Aviation Museum” where the owner had the BBQ done for us before we strolled around the displays.

After one ring in was kindly moved out of shot by Neil (Apparently it’s the other Triumph) we lined the Triumphs up for a final photo shoot against the open backdrop.

Some of us had to end the day early, but the rest had the opportunity to view the tuned down Merlin engine fire up and I’m sure it was appreciated by all.

So much happened over the 3 days that I don’t think I captured all in this short report but I’m sure that there will be a lot of conversation over the next few meetings and gatherings.

Again, a real big thankyou needs to go to Bill and Marg for all of their efforts and planning that went into this weekend. Drawing up the run and getting all of the locals to support the group and cater for us each day is no easy feat, great job and appreciated by all. Value for money you bet.


Ian and Raelene Rigby for the group

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