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Day of Triumph 2016

Friday, October 14th, 2016

Day of Triumph.
Another year is almost over and after a few nervous weeks leading up to “The Day of Triumph” we were able to successfully hold the event on the planned day. As you can imagine this is not one of those events that can be moved around as easily as the month by month runs, due to hire the facility and also have everyone wash and polish their cars to the standard needed.
With only 39 cars on the day it was a bit down on predicted numbers and I guess this was partly due to the unpredictable weather and the fact that there were a few cars racing around the track at Bathurst. Sorry neither was in my plan but I’m sure some of you made it back to watch the ending and an interesting one it was.
The week’s leading to this weekend saw torrential rain, flooding and agents pulling out on us. Not to be deterred by this I held several talks with the council regarding a change of vendor support and also the condition of the grounds. For some reason, this year they were a bit more difficult to deal with.
This last week’s task was watching the weather, just in case we needed to do a plan B at the last minute. Thankfully we had a few good days drying everything out, however it changed again on us and was a bit blowy in the morning and threatened showering us during the course of the day. By the time the rain did come we were all packed up and gone.

A big Thank you must also go to the following people.
Sue Gibson and Marg Berlemon, the ladies on the gate:
Aaron Ellery and Bill Berlemon for their on ground support.
Our very supportive inspector: Colin White
And to the inspection team: Roger lange, Richard Sutherland, Dean Bogisch, Neil Martin, Steve Moule, Alex Smithson, Brian Argent, Peter Davidge, Alan Gold.
I would also like to thank those that asked if I need any help during the day; it’s always this support that we rely on.
Without your help the day would not have been the same so thanks again.
With the scrutinizing all done and with the wonderful assistance of our score keepers Rory Gibson and Mike Temby,
we have the list of winners.keeping-score

Outright winners:
richard-sutherlands-tr4aFirst place: Richard Sutherland: TR4a

Second place: John Tuohy: TR5 john-tuohy-tr5

chuck-and-dianne-falzon-tr3aThird place: Chuck Falzon: TR3a

Concour: Not all categories were supported.
TR 2, 3 3a / 3b: Chuck Falzon with his green TR3a
TR4 / 5: Richard Sutherland with his TR4a
TR6: Ian Burnett
Spitfire / GT6: First Place: Volker Stroeher Spitfire Mk3
Second Place: Neil Haywood. GT6
Third Place: Graham Jones. GT6
Stag: Andy Hill
TR 7 / 8 Peter Davidge
Saloon: John Tuohy
Pre 54: Chuck Falzon
Pride of Ownership: Not all categories were supported.
TR6: Alex Smithson
TR7 / 8: Dean Bogisch
Spitfire: Mark Halloran
Stag: Mike Temby
Saloon: Duane kaak
Dolomite: Bob Cini
Competition: Duane kaak

Michelotty Trophy: Richard Sutherland
Register Trophy: Chuck Falzon
Harris Mann Trophy: Peter Davidge

Below the The winners circle (Those that I was able to catch so sorry if i missed you.)
After everything was squared away and just as the last cars were pulling out, I had 2 people approach me regarding their times with Triumphs.
Len Burton kindly donated books to add to our library and Richard Dew talked about badging for Stags. He gave us a point of contact that apparently has moulds to produce these if you are in the need for them the contact is
So that’s it for 2016. I hope that everyone got the best out of the day that we could hope for and we would like to see more out next year.
As announced on the day, I’m already looking at alternatives for next year with more lessons gained form this year.
PS: For those that have won trophies these will be presented at this year’s end of year dinner. The info can be found on the web or in Trak.
Hope to see you there.
Best regards
Ian Rigby

2016 Day of Triumph

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

It’s on again!  The TSOA annual DAY OF TRIUMPH.

This year’s event will once again be at Wigley Reserve GLENELG on SUNDAY 9th of October

Cars need to be in place early preferably by 9.30am and can’t be removed until the end of the event for safety reasons. Gates open around 8.30 am Judging will start at 10am. Miss the start and you miss being judged.

Last year was a great success and the majority of entrants expressed that they would like to return to Glenelg so the day has been set.
Entry is via the roundabout at the end of Anzac Highway.

The rules and scoring are the same as prior years and it will be the point score that wins you the trophy. The car needs to support the class and score ranking it has been entered into.

I will need a lot of help from several people that have an eye for detail on the day, especially Concours. Over the years there have been willing helpers and without their help it would be a difficult task so thank you and I look forward to the continued support.

In the event of a tie, for any category, I will ask several of the more knowledgeable in the group to cast their eye over the cars to come up with the ultimate winner. The decision will be based on an agreed approach that would be generally around overall presentation and as close to original as possible for Concours.

Good news at the August meeting for those that could not attend! The Club Inspectors for Historic Registration WILL be there on the day so bring your log book and documentation – as per last year there will be an identifier on your screen for them to look for. Please make yourself available when they get to your car.

Unfortunately “The Coffee Run” have pulled out at the last minute as he did not want to renew his license for the area. Luckily the vendor from last year “Coffee and Creams” contacted me again recently after seeing the advert on the council page but i had already accepted The coffee run. I had tried to alternate to a different supplier this year for a different range of food but sadly this has not worked for us. On Short notice I’m happy to report that Coffee and Creams will be renewing his license and he was able to help again. So we have coffee and the similar range of food from last years event. Lets hope that the weather is kind to us and we have another good year. Im working on a different solution for next year so lets see how THAT GOES.

Please join me on the day.
Ian Rigby: 0417085083

TSOA Christmas Dinner and Trophy Presentation

Thursday, November 19th, 2015


TSOA Christmas Dinner & Trophy Presentation

Saturday 12th December

 Club sponsored pre dinner drinks

From 6.30pm

Dinner 7.00pm

Royal Adelaide Golf Club

Tapleys Hill Road, Seaton

Cost – $55.00 Members

           $70.00 Non Members

For further information please contact

Sue 8449 7814

Bookings with full payment by 29th November

2015 Day of triumph

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Just a quick report before I head off for the Nationals in Bathurst.

What a day at the Bay for our 50th year. We had a 48 count for the day but with the 2 late arrivals we got 50 cars for 50 years.
After a very early start for Arrand Ellery and myself we had a bit of a worry with the sprinklers still running happily, but thankfully they dropped out and the cars rolled in and we were up and running.
A VERY big thank-you to all the helpers on the day. The Team of Bill and Marg always are a great support for the club and again reliable in bringing the club tents etc. for us.
The ladies Sue, Marg and Natalie took over for me on the gate.
There was lots going on as we laid out the field. Coffee and Cream were in place and he was very happy to be part of the day and it turned out to be worth his time.
He asked if we were planning more events and I told him of the Nationals next year and he has already expressed interest in supporting us on that day also.
(I will put that to the National Committee to discuss.)

A blow on the horn had the judges front for action and with not much persuasion they were into it.
Thank you to Neil, John, Roger, Richard, Alex, Peter, Duane, Chuck, and Dean great work team.

I must say as I turned around and looked at the line-up of cars and a stream of locals with dogs, bikes, kids and strollers it was impressive. I’m very happy with the outcome for the event.

We also had the very supportive inspectors looking over the cars for a number of people catching up on the Historic part of owning and running these cars.
It’s a great help to them to catch as many as we can in one spot and helps keep their records up to date.

I also had an interesting conversation with a lady from South Africa.
She told me that she (and her husband) were members of the triumph fraternity over there and she told me she was sending pictures of the cars back to her husband so he could see what we have here.
I believe we had an Iconic Bathurst driver turn up and was seen looking over the cars with interest. (Name not in print)
I also had several cars enter late and one that looked a great barn find turn up and take up a membership on the day.

I’m sure that there was a lot that I missed out on and there is a lot more I could put here but the day has burnt me out and I needed to get this to our Editors so that they can get it to print before the day ended.
The results were announced on the day and are as follows:
I had a great team supporting me doing the tally ups and score sheet checks.
Again I could not have done this without their help so Thankyou to Rory Gibson and Mike Temby. They kept me on my toes and the judges honest.

1. TR2/3/3A/3B Winner: Chuck and Dianne Falzon (TR3a)
2. TR4/4A/TR5/250 Winner: 1St place: Johnny Fricke (TR4) 2Nd place John Tuohy (TR5)
3. TR6: Winner: Peter Davidge (TR6)
4. TR 7/8 Winner: Roger Lange (Silver TR8)
5. Spitfire/GT6 Winner: Volker Stroeher (Spitfire)
6. Stag Winner: Andy Hill
7. Saloon: Winner: Bob Cini
8. Herald / Vitesse Winner: Carolyn Byrne (Herald)
9. Pre 54 Winner: Chuck Falzon (TR 1949)

Michelotty Trophy:          Johnny Fricke
Register Trophy: Chuck Falzon
Harris Mann Trophy: Roger Lange

1st place outright for the day: Johnny Fricke

2015 TSOA 50th year Display Day Outright Winner Johnny Fricke (2)

2nd place for the day: John Tuohy










3rd place for the day: Roger Lange









For Pride Of Ownership:

10. TR2/3/3A/3B Winner: Ivan Powell (TR3)
11. TR4/4A/TR5/250 Winner: Tony Rutter (TR4)
12. TR6: Winner: Ian Burman
13. TR 7/8 Winner: Bob Farrell (TR8)
14. Spitfire/GT6 Winner: John Wood (Gt6)
15. Stag Winner: Mike Temby
16. Saloon: Winner: Trevor Lindsay (Pi Estate)
17. Dolomite: Winner: Bob Cini
18. Competition: Winner: Neil Martin (TR7 V8)

I have a camera full of pictures and on return from Bathurst I will get them to the right people so we can get them in the Mag and also on the web.

Thank you to all those that took the time to fill in the short Questionnaire regarding the event and I have passed on the results to the committee for review and discussion.

Kind Regards and thanks to all for coming out and making the day what it was.
Ian Rigby.

Ian at Bathurst 2013

2015 Day of Triumph Update

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015




Final update for our 50th year “TSOA Display day”

When: 25th October.  Where: Wrigley Reserve Glenelg.

Entry is via the roundabout at the end of Anzac Highway.

Times: I will be there around 7.30 ish for set up. Cars to position can be from 8 a.m. but need to be in place preferably by 9.30 so we can do a call to arms and start judging at 10 a.m.

Cars on trailers are no problem but we may need to put the towing cars on the paved area. I have permits for these cars. Cars on display do not need permits.

The club tent will be in place but to a limited area, so please, as this is a requirement by council see me if you do bring one as I need to control the placement and we may need to restrict to the size stated on the acceptance to the reserve.

We will have our Regalia for sale on the day so bring money.

We also have David from “Coffee N Cookies” Selling –

Cappuccinos, etc

Cookies / slices hot dogs

Toasted sandwiches


Flavoured waters

Soft drinks


HISTORIC INSPECTIONS:  These will be available on the day.

Both Kevin Foster and Colin White will be there to help you get this requirement done.

You will receive a sheet to keep on your car window so that the guys have clear vision who wants this done.  Keep an eye on your car so when they get to it meet them and you can show them the documentation they need. (Log book and Rego Papers)


I also have a very short questionnaire regarding this event for next year and need your input so I can present the outcome to the committee.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the day.


Ian Rigby


Day of Triumph 2015 Update

Monday, September 7th, 2015

For a bit more convenience we will be joined on the day by David from “Coffee n Cookies.” (Mobile coffee truck) he provides Cappuccino’s, hot dogs, Cookies, slices, toasted sandwiches, slushies, soft drinks.

Also the cars that you plan to display need to be in place preferably around 9am for a 10am start to the judging.


Ian Rigby

Ian at Bathurst 2013

Day of Triumph 2015

Sunday, August 30th, 2015


Day of Triumph 2015

50 Years of TRIUMPH

It’s on again . . . the TSOA annual DAY OF TRIUMPH – SUNDAY      25th  of   OCTOBER   

This year we are at WIGLEY RESREVE, GLENELG for our 50th year celebrations.

Entry to the event is from the roundabout at the end of Anzac Hyw.

Cars need to be in place early and can’t be removed until the end of the event at 3pm for safety reasons. Gates open around 9am. It does not need to be perfect it only needs to run to get there. If you wish to show off the restoration in progress it can also be on a trailer . . .  just get it there and get ready to be judged.

The rules and scoring are the same as prior years and it will be the point score that wins you the trophy. The car needs to support the class and score ranking it has been entered into.

I will need a lot of help from several people on the day that have an eye for detail, especially Concours.

In the event of a tie, for any category, I will ask several of the more knowledgeable in the group to cast their eye over the cars to come up with the ultimate winner. The decision will be based on an agreed approach that would be around overall presentation and as close to original as possible.

There is access to food and toilets at several locations in the area or bring your own food and tables. The club will provide a council approved sheltered area.

Please join us on the day.                      Ian Rigby  0417085083

Day of Triumph 2015 – Concours and Pride of Ownership Rules of Entry

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

Overall Entry – Concours and Pride of Ownership (POO)


  • To be eligible for entry, the owner of the car must be a current financial member of TSOA (SA) Branch – entry will not be permitted to those joining/renewing on the day.
  • The car must be currently registered (with the exception of Competition and Restoration cars).
  • Late entries, i.e. cars arriving after the published judging commencement time, will not be eligible.


Concours Section


  • All cars must be driven onto the judging site (except competition vehicles which may be trailered).
  • Entrants must score a minimum of 70% of the total points available in presentation section to be eligible for a Class or Outright trophy.
  • Standard classes will be – TR2/3/3A/3B, TR4/4A/5, TR6, TR7/8, Stag, Saloon, Dolomite, Spitfire/GT6, Herald/Vitesse and Competition
  • Classes may be split/combined depending on the number of entrants in each Class. This will be determined by DOT Officials on the day.
  • Judges will award points for each car up to a maximum of 750 possible points in 6 judging sections as follows –
  • Exterior (170 points)
  • Engine bay (140 points)
  • Underside (100 points)
  • Wheels & tyres (90 points)
  • Boot (80 points)
  • Interior (170 points)
  • Cars will NOT be judged on originality except in the event of a tie when the cars will be marked out of 250 points in accordance with the table shown on the entry sheet.
  • In the event of a tie “originality” for each model shall be broadly determined as any equipment or manufacturing (i.e. official works modifications) produced by the original car manufacturer or an approved option available for that model.


Masters Class


  • Cars that win their Class for 3 years running, or win outright for 2 years running, will be placed in a Masters Class and are ineligible to enter the standard Concour Classes for 2 years. Masters Class Awards will be given to all Masters Class cars in attendance.




  • Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall place getters.
  • The Register Trophy (TR2/3/3A and 3B), The Michelotti Trophy (TR4/4A/5) and The Harris Mann Trophy (TR7/8), will be awarded to the highest points getter in that Class. Where the winner is also the winner of a Concours Class only one personal trophy will be awarded.
  • Trophies will be awarded to 1st place only if 3 or less cars are entered in Class and 1st and 2nd place if 4 or more cars are entered.


Pride of Ownership Section


  • Entrants will be scored on presentation only (originality will not be considered)
  • Judging will follow the processes outlined in the Concours section, except the underside will not be considered. (100 point underside will not be judged) Max score for POA will be 650 points.
  • Standard classes will be – TR2/3/3A/3B, TR4/4A/5, TR6, TR7/8, Stag, Saloon, Dolomite, Spitfire/GT6, Herald/Vitesse, Pre-54, and competition.
  • Restoration projects may be considered depending on what is presented on the day.
  • Classes may be split or combined depending on the number of entrants in each Class – to be determined by DOT Officials on the day.
  • Masters Class cars are ineligible to enter POO section until 2 years after their Masters Class qualification.
  • Trophies will be awarded to Class winners only.

2015 Day of Triumph

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Its our 50th year so lets make it a good one. We have been officially accepted today by the Holdfast Bay council . . . well, at least I put my name on the line and signed off on the document.

This year we will be at Wigley Reserve Glenelg and display set up starts at 8.30 until official close at 3.30. I will be asking around for helpers once again but this year the trophy winners will not be announced until the report goes out that week. It will give us a bit more time and allow the judges to reflect and not be as rushed, we want this year to be as relaxed as possible. I hope to have our club inspectors there also so those that need their cars inspected for historic registration can have that done too. This years event is prior to the Nationals so we should all be polished ready for the trip.

So set the date Sunday the 25th October and have those Triumphs ready for what we expect to be a great day for the club and also a great close to the year with the Classic Adelaide the week before and the Nationals the week after. A bit of rest and then our annual club dinner, where those that were lucky enough will have their trophy presented.

For now happy Easter everyone and see you on the next run.

Best Regards, Ian Rigby

Ian at Bathurst 2013

Day of Triumph 2014 Results

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Finally, with the new website operational, I can provide the results of the 2014 Day of Triumph Concours and Pride of Ownership displays.

Congratulations to Johnny Frick who took out best TR4, 4A, 5 Concours Class and also Best Outright Trophy plus the Michelotti Trophy.


Best in the TR6 Class and Second Outright in Concours was the bright red TR6 owned by Dino Vettesse.


Third Outright in Concours was John Tuohy’s Black TR5.


Other Concours Class winners were . . .

Graham Jones bright yellow GT6 MkIII was judged best in the Spitfire / GT6 Class


The lovely green Mk II Saloon of Bob Cini took the trophy for Best Saloon


Best in the Modified Class was the glaringly bright yellow TR7 V8 of Dino Vettesse


Jon Williams took best in the Competition Class with the outstanding Mk I 2.5 PI Saloon

Mk1 Pi Competition (2)c

Let’s not forget the Pre ’54 Concours Class with the trophy going to Chuck and Dianne Falzon’s Triumph 2000 Roadster

Pre 54 (3)c

Pride of Ownership results for 2014 were as follows . . .

TR2, 3, 3A, 3B   –   Vic Neave

TR4, 4A, 5, 250   –   Peter paterson

TR6   –   Geoff Ellis

TR7, 8   –   Lyle Taylor

Spitfire GT6   –   John Wood

Stag   –   John Boffo

Saloon   –   Trevor Lindsay

Competition   –   Geoff Burdon

Congratulations to all the winners. Trophies were presented at the Christmas Dinner / Trophy Presentation night held in December.