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Thursday, January 20th, 2022

Good news fellow Triumph enthusiasts . . . the Club website is finally clear of the damage done by recent hackers, and we can now get back to business!

If you are interested in what went on with our site, have a look at and you will understand that this has been no mean feat for our technical gurus to overcome.

The first issue for most of you is that the previous registration authorisations have been lost. That means, if you want access to the club site you will need to re-register by sending a request to Roger at advising him of your preferred User Name and your mobile phone number. A temporary password will then be issued to you, and you will then be operational.

When you have a look at our site, you will notice some minor changes, but we have endeavoured to get it back to pretty much what we had before. The Classifieds work a little differently, and the Calendar isn’t as pretty (but we’re working on it). Submitting a post of your most recent Triumph news, together with photos, remains the same, so don’t hesitate to have a go.

Something that we are trying to develop is the look of the home page, where new and previous posts will appear as a title only, so that you can click on that to go to the full post. This will tidy up the look of the Home Page quite a bit.

So, onwards and upwards . . . or “On the Marque and Up To Speed” as we say it within our TSOA circle!

Roger Lange

TSOA SA Website Manager

20/1/22 now live!

Saturday, February 21st, 2015



Many thanks to our webmaster Andy Dutko for his determined effort in bringing the TSOA SA website on to current technical platforms and putting it all together so that you, the TSOA member, can use it easily and without the scams and virus problems that plagued the old site.

You will find the new site much better to access and navigate, but importantly, to use – i.e. to contribute your thoughts, experiences and photos. Setting up a news item is as simple as typing in the text direct or cut and paste from another document. Loading up a photo is also easy – just copy in from your own album. Be careful with the picture size though – high resolution photos will not be accepted for obvious reasons so if you start out with a 7Mb shot, edit it down to “document” size of around 400Kb.

Placing a Classified Advert is also easier, particularly with loading up photos (beware the size limitations here as well). The new platform asks for some information that seems superfluous to the task though, and we are working to simplify this further over the coming weeks. For the time being though, if you think the information requested to be unnecessary then ignore it and see what happens. If it is a mandatory field, you will find out when you push the “save” button.

So, what do you need to do first? Well, as we have not been able to transport the previous Registered User information from the old site, you will need to register afresh.

To do this, send an email to and I will set up your initial profile with a temporary password. This will enable you to access the site, change your password to one of your choice as well as complete your profile details, and you will then be good to go.

In addition, if you had a Classified advert on the old site, you will need to complete a fresh advert on the new site.

Oh, and just a little tip . . . if you click on the TSOA banner at the top of the page, you will be returned to the Home Page from wherever you are within the site directly.

So Register now and have a play! See what you can find and what happens when you click on stuff. There is plenty of information about all things Triumph and TSOA to explore.

You may also note that there is a capacity to make a comment and attach it to a published item – we included this to try and encourage members to get involved! If you like someone’s article or photo, you can say so. You could also ask for help or information. Pretty cool hey?

Let me know if you have any problems in registering or any other aspect of the new platform. Feedback is encouraged, + or – so don’t be shy.

Thanks again Andy – great job!

Roger Lange

TSOA SA Website Manager

From the webmaster

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Hi all,

You might have noticed things are a changing with the website. I’ve dragged it out of last decade and into the new with an upgrade of the bits that make it all run.

I’m hoping this new incarnation proves to be more user friendly than the old scripts. At this stage the site itself is still under development but stay tuned, it should be live and ready for you all to use within the next week.

A special thank you to Noel Schmidt for his graphic work on the banner at the top.

Comments positive and negative help shape the final site, please forward any of those to ayresrocksnaturally ateth  gmail doteth com   Lose the “eth”s and convert the appropriate words to symbols.

Progress Report:
Home link
Classified ads feature
links to Photo Galleria and Suppliers Register

Design is still being tweaked, registration will soon be open for those who want to be active on the site.