Various TR2 – 6 Parts

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2 x new 4A-6 Handbrake Cables $20 ea. SOLD

1 x new 4A LHR Stainless silencer and tail pipe $150

1 x new 4-4A high port head gasket set $50 SOLD

1 x new 2-4A clutch slave cylinder support rod $15

2 x new 4A-6 rear axle gator boots $10ea

2 x new 4A-6 front wheel bearing sets (less seals) $20ea

2 x new oval air filters $20ea SOLD

2 x new 4A-6 lower front trunnion bush kits. $25ea SOLD

2 x new windscreen washer outlets (twin) $8ea

1 x S/H 4A radiator. Suit recore $30

1 x S/H 4A softop frame. Needs work. $20

1 x S/H 4A complete single pipe exhaust. Twin down pipes and stainless muffler. Very good condition $180

1 x set S/H Schrome wire wheel spinners. Very presentable $48 set

1x S/H 2-4A complete fuel pump assembly $35

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