Club Run to the Slug ‘n’ Lettuce

Having watched the weather closely during the week, it was with a smile on my face as the sun shone, we
pulled out of the driveway to head up to Civic Park to meet the gang to head off on the run.  Bill had been
waiting for this event for ages, as he wanted to go back to the ‘Slug n Lettuce’ for a trip down memory
lane…remembering the great British food he had had, about ten years before.

Some twenty loyal members braved the cold at Civic Park, as Bob and Lorraine Cini handed out the run
sheets….good size font too…no glasses needed for the navigators!  As Bob had the unfortunate incident
with the traffic cameras when setting the run, he had highlighted the necessary speed zones for members
to take care on.

Off we set through the lovely setting of Golden Grove, down to Montague Road, over Main North Road  (I
had not travelled that section before) into the speed zone of 40km and then follow the railway line onto
Cormack Road under the South Road bridge construction and onto Grand Junction Road (no Greg we didn’t
need to go to UPull it!!) following our way around to come back along the new Port River Expressway.

Along the route was the Barker Inlet Wetlands, followed by the Greenfield Wetlands. Then we were off to
Mawson Lakes…twisting and turning around the new homes…luckily there were not too many parked cars
along the way, as the roads were extremely narrow and many Triumphs were kept busy twisting the right
way!  Finally we reached our destination of the ‘Slug n Lettuce’.

Bill’s eyes gleamed, and in we went…..yes bangers and mash was still on the menu… he was in heaven!
Several other members joined us for lunch and everyone had a great day.  Thanks to Bob and Lorraine for
the run…those who didn’t make it….you missed out on a great run and a great Lunch!

Margie Berlemon.

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