Day of Triumph 2023 – Report and Results

Our Day of Triumph was held at Civic Park on Sunday 15th October 2023. While the weather wasn’t especially kind we
had 20 entrants and an extra 13 cars on display.
Winners on the day were:
Overall: Trevor Hawkins (TR4A)
Second Overall: Roger Lange (TR7V8)
Third Overall: Lisa Vettese (Stag)
Michelotty Trophy (TR4,4A & 5): Trevor Hawkins
Register Trophy (TR2,3,3A,3B): Colin Baldock
Harris Mann Trophy (Tr7/8): Roger Lange
TR2/3/3A/3B: Colin Baldock (TR2)
TR4/4A/5/250: Trevor Hawkins (TR4A)
TR7/8: Roger Lange
Stag: Lisa Vettese
Dolomite: Ian Burman
Saloon: Ian Rigby
Pride of Ownership
TR4/4A/5/250: David Stephens (TR5)
TR6: David Marlow
TR7/8: Dean Bogisch
Spitfire/GT6: Nathan Parkes (Spitfire)
Stag: Chris Marshall
Saloon: Rod Hanna
Big thanks to everyone who helped on the day, especially our judges and those of you who brought your cars.
Special Thanks to Ian Rigby for all of his help and support, Marg and Dean Bogisch for their great clerical skills and
my wife Lisa, who without her secretarial skills, none of this would have happened. Also, thanks again to Dino and
Lisa Vittese who provided a subsidised breakfast or lunch for members at Café Primo – all the reports indicated
breakfast was delicious.
Dean Berlemon
2023 DOT Organiser

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