Girl Torque – March 2008

Thanks to everyone for their best wishes over the past couple of months with all our family issues.  Special thanks to Sue Gibson for holding the fort for me in regards to this article and also the supper rosters.

As I write this article today, it is raining – something we haven’t seen for such a long time – the gardens will all be thankful for their natural water supply, but we must spare a thought for the rural areas and trust that the rain falls there as needed.

I spoke to a teacher today from Meningie who said that school enrolments are down by a third this year, as families are moving out of the district due to no rain, and no water in the lake – hence no work for the farmers so people need to move to work and survive – it really is a concern in the Coorong as to how the families are going to survive without water – lets pray that the river Murray is flooded soon and the lakes survive for a little longer.

The Weekender is in the process of being organised, so I look forward to seeing you all along for another great weekend.

Margie Berlemon

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