Girl Torque – March 2013

Congratulations to Naomi and Darren on the birth of baby Lily.  Naomi, Darren and Lily joined us for the Technical Lunch which was great to welcome our newest member into the club!

Congratulations also to Pete and Nat Berlemon on the very early arrival of their baby son Samuel at 29 weeks, (grandparents Bill and Margie very excited) and I am pleased to report Samuel is doing very well although still in hospital.

Also Peter & Julie Davidge who became grandparents to a little boy.

The Ladies lunch tried out the new venue of Adeline’s Café at Burnside and it worked well with a varied menu, good facilities and more members attended.  We even had a couple of men join us which was great, and yes we did talk about cars!

Thanks to the ladies who have put their name on the Supper Roster – we still have a couple of spaces, so if you can help us out, please let Sue/Margie know.

Thought for the Month: The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1.  ~Author Unknown

Margie Berlemon.

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