Girl Torque – March 2014

Firstly thanks to the girls who have put their names on the Supper roster.  We still have spaces so if you can help please let me know.

In regards to the Supper, as we have between 50 -60 members at each meeting, can I ask that we don’t have pies /pasties/sausage rolls?  These are expensive and we really need to have 2 pieces per member and the budget does not extend that far.  It is more appropriate to have sandwiches/cheese/dips etc to ensure all members have a choice of savory items. If making sandwiches please ensure you make 2 loaves which makes 80 quarters. Thanks girls.

Bill and I have spent the weekend in the Copper Coast organising the weekender for May….boy it has been an interesting time…no-one gives discount for 40 people to go anywhere in the Copper Coast except the Kadina Gateway Motel, which is where are staying! Anyway we had fun and hopefully you will enjoy the weekend – remember the Motel only has 20 rooms….so book early and you won’t miss out!

Margie Berlemon AM

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