October 20, 2024

TSOA is one of the 18 affiliated member clubs of the Marque Sports Car Association SA Inc.

The MSCA provides access to club level motorsport events at both Mallala and The Bend - this year's calendar is as follows . . .

Round 1                                    3rd March      Mallala

6-Hour Regularity Relay      5th May      Mallala

Round 2                                   25th June        Mallala

Round 3                                   11th August      Mallala

Round 4                                  8th September     Mallala

Round 5                                   20th October     The Bend - East Circuit

For full details about the MSCA and procedures for entry to any of these events, refer to or contact any of Roger Lange, Neil Martin or Duane Kaak.

Spectator entry to any of these events is free, so if you want to see 80 to 100 keen motorsport enthusiasts in a wide variety of vehicles having a go on the track, come and join in the fun!

Posted by Roger

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