Minutes of Annual General Meeting 20/8/19

TSOA  AGM          20th AUGUST 2019

Declared Open by Bill Berlemon at 8:57PM

  1. Welcome. Apologies: Tom Long, Kevin McEnroe, Andy Hill, Colin White, Kevin Foster, John Wood, Bill Galer, Geoff Ellis, M & D Bogisch.
  2. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby

It’s been a very interesting year, huge thanks to all those that have helped in the Club. Display Day was a highlight joint with TR register, compared to other car clubs we are functioning very well. This year was tricky getting us into more electronic methods with newsletter and database. A huge thank you to Kevin Foster for his administration of the Club Registration Scheme. The President and Vice President award this year goes to Duane Kaak & Alex Smithson for all their tremendous work during the year.

  1. TREASURERS REPORT – Alex Smithson

The Club Annual Financial statements were distributed on all tables at the meeting for members to peruse. A surplus was realised as we did not spend funds on printing a magazine as budgeted and the Online Database system Our Car Club has been cheaper than budgeted.

Members queried the Christmas Dinner Sponsorship and it was noted that the Sponsorship is the same $ figure for happy hour, regardless of numbers. Less people equates to more drinks per person.

It was questioned what should the club do with our healthy bank balance and any suggestions are welcome to be forwarded to the committee for consideration.


Although not an official appointment, Roger Lange has been our Club Representative at MSCA meetings and all event, over many years.

Members not renewing inside the 2 month grace period should be charged a re-joining fee.

It was suggested to recognise the tenure of members with significant anniversaries. In attendance tonight was Peter Williamson who joined in 1966 and Steve Moule who had been a member for 42 years. Dave Wilson was also believed to have been a member for 42 years.  The Committee will look into this.

All Positions were declared vacant.

Nominations for President. Ian Rigby as sole nominee was elected unopposed.

Nominations for Vice President. Dean Berlemon as sole nominee was elected unopposed.

Nominations for Secretary. Duane Kaak as sole nominee was elected unopposed

Nominations for Treasurer. Alex Smithson as sole nominee was elected unopposed.

Nominations for Competition Secretary. Neil Martin as sole nominee was elected unopposed.

Nominations for Social Secretary – Peggy Argent/Sue Gibson as joint as sole nominees were elected unopposed.

Nominations for Editor. Marg & Dean Bogisch as joint nominees were elected unopposed.

AGM Closed at 9:30pm

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