Minutes of General Meeting held 16th April 2019


Meeting Opened at 8:00pm

1. Welcome: 1.1 Apologies: John Wood; Richard Sutherland; Bill & Margie Berlemon; Peter Branson; Bill Galer; Garry Buckton; Fay Esau; Andy Hill; Peter Spalding. 1.2 Guests/Visitors/New Members: Brian – 2000 Saloon, Steve Noolan – TR7 convertible. 1.3 Previous Minutes: as published in email / electronic FastTrak, Proposed accepted as a true record without alteration by Neil Martin to be accepted, seconded by Peter Davidge.

2. Presidents Report – Ian Rigby
2.1 Executive Committee had a meeting earlier tonight, discussed Christmas/Presentation Dinner, date set as November 30th. 2.2 Ian will be away next month, wishes the weekender all success in his absence. David Stephens will chair the meeting. 2.3 The Executive Committee discussed WA Nationals and agreed to a subsidy for shirts for participants. 2.4 With Kevin Foster stepping down from his Club Registration Co-ordinator position, the position description was advertised in FasTRak. A bottle of wine to say thanks was presented to Kevin by Ian.

3. Secretary’s Report – Duane Kaak
3.1 Duane had printed the electronic newsletter of TSOA QLD and Triumph Car Club Victoria to add to the other club magazines. 3.2 Two new membership applications were received during the month.

4. Treasurer’s Report – Alex Smithson
4.1 Funds in bank of $45,780 4.2 Weekender payments have been received, main expenses paid were meeting costs, and MYOB. 4.3 Alex will be going overseas also, absent for next 2 meetings. Duane to fill in during his absence. 4.4 Subscription renewal notices are to be sent soon along with an SMS reminder. $65 fee for coming year and a $5 discount applies if paid by June 30th. An emailed receipt will be sent in lieu of membership cards. A member’s receipt of payment by EFT will be satisfactory for Club Registration renewal.

5. Social Report – Peggy Argent
5.1 The McLaren Vale run on Sunday was attended by 20 members. Thanks to Tony & Phyllis Rutter for arranging the run, scones with jam & cream, plus a quiz. 5.2 The mid week run arranged by Stephen Wade was attended by 13 members. 5.3 Graham Jones is arranging the next mid week run on June 12th. 5.4 Entertainment Books are available for purchase for $70 with profit to the club. 5.5 Duane is arranging a run on Sunday June 16th to The Bend Motorsport Park.

6. Competition Report – Neil Martin
6.1 Neil competed in a Regularity event on the weekend, though his car didn’t perform as well as it could. 6.2 Andy Ansell has recently fitted a new engine, brakes and wheels. He participated in Eddington Sprints on Saturday – all went well. He participated in a Corporate Day at Winton on Monday and his TR7 was badly accident damaged by another TR7. A donor TR7 with a 6 cylinder engine to be used for spares. 6.3 Neil will be the only Triumph competing at the Anzac Historics event at Mallala on 27th & 28th April. 6.4 The MSCA 6 Hour event is on 5th May at Mallala. Volunteers needed for timing, pit crew etc. Some Victorian TR7’s are joining the team.

7. Library Report – Greg Page
7.1 Nothing new has been added but there is plenty to borrow and several members have borrowed some items tonight.

8. Regalia Report – Sue Smithson
8.1 People going to the WA Nationals are asked to see Sue with their size requirements (& Partners size if applicable) 8.2 Alex Smithson modelled a TR6 T-shirt, available in black or white. 8.3 Other regalia specials also available tonight.

9. Communication report – Ian
9.1 Any stories or articles for FasTR ak or the website can be sent to Ian.

10. Website Report – Roger Lange
10.1 The list of regalia is now on the website for perusal 10.2 TSOA Victoria member has produced a 50 years of TR6 poster for only $10 with $5 of this going to TSOA SA. Postage is $11, possible bulk order to save on postage cost. See Roger if interested.

11. Conditional Registration Report – Kevin Foster
11.1 No updates received from the FHMC. 11.2 Kevin will still be a conditional registration officer, but is seeking someone to take over the club administration of the scheme.

12. General Business
12.1 A reminder that at the AGM all committee positions are declared vacant, new volunteers are needed.

13. Parts or Cars For Sale or Wanted
13.1 Steve Noolan is looking to sell his red TR7 convertible. Bought 20 years ago from Powertune, less than 1,000km on reconditioned engine. $10,000.

14. Raffle
Won by Arrand Ellery

15. Cars in Carpark
New member Brian advised his 1969 MK1 Saloon has had a closed door respray, new bottom end, new upholstery.

16. Supper.
Thanks to Marg Bogisch & Phyllis Rutter for tonight’s supper. Volunteers are needed to fill vacancies over coming months.

17 Meeting Closed: 8:50pm Duane Kaak Duane Kaak Duane Kaak Duane Kaak Secretary Secretary Secretary Secretary

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