On Line TSOA Activities

Hey fellow Triumph enthusiasts!

With time on our hands being isolated at home for the duration, however long that may be, I am sure a lot of you are out in the garage doing some work on your Triumph that has been waiting for just the right time and your own enthusiasm and inclination.

Well, given that everything is cancelled and we won’t be mixing and mingling for a while, why not share your Triumph story on the club website? Log on, go to the top left hand corner of the Home screen and click on “Dashboard” and then “Posts” and follow your nose. You can even add photos to your post – “Add Media” and give it a go. Have a play! You can’t break it . . .

Contact me if you want same help with anything . . . I’m free, at home, in the garage playing with my Triumphs!

I might even post an update on my own project – now there’s an idea!

Stay sane and healthy people, and always have a cold Corona ready for enjoyment!


3 Responses to “On Line TSOA Activities”

  1. Phil Bagust Says:

    Hi Rog and members

    This isn’t worth a thread of its own, and isn’t even about a Triumph, but I thought it was bloody interesting. This guy speared his Mustang off a canyon in southern California and took an unscheduled flight 400 feet down. Amazingly he survived with only minor injuries! He used his full 9 lives that day. Anyway this is 30 minutes of the recovery team getting his pancaked Boss 302 out of the canyon. Consider how similar some of the roads in the hills are to this (Montacute Rd I’m looking at you).


    Phil Bagust

  2. Roger Says:

    Thanks for posting Phil . . . another Mustang gone! Bugger.

  3. Phil Bagust Says:

    OK here’s another one that actually involves Triumphs. If people don’t follow Hagerty they should. Their barn find series especially is amazing. Its not just US-centric but often features Euro and Japanese collections too. The latest episode features a gigantic and eclectic collection of mainly Mercs, AMCs and Studebakers – but the guy’s favourite cars are his Stags, and I counted three of them as well as a Herald. Pretty unusual for the US of A.



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