President Report AUGUST 2014

It is going to be a big year ahead for the TSOA. We just held our AGM for 2014 and the big items such as arranging a National Rally for 2016 and 50th Birthday Celebrations in 2015 were all mentioned. These events should showcase our club and let us celebrate all that is good with our club and the Triumph marque. I am very excited to know that I will be there for them and of course I will be happy to go to extra meetings, make calls, go on field trips, send emails whatever is needed to get these events done and all the other usual club running activities.

But I need your help….

As I write the Secretary and Competition Secretary Positions are vacant. These positions are not too much work, taking a few minutes and sending to the Editor, giving a brief report. Not too onerous, but still vitally important. Your Club Needs You

Do you have any Event Management Skills? Are you a Marketing Guru? Do you love Catering? Have you got some great connections? What can you bring to the Club for the big events?

We have plenty of people who are always involved, but we always need fresh ideas, wisdom, enthusiasm and someone to share the load. Spring is just creeping around the corner, new things are growing and blooming, maybe you can too?

Please feel welcome to contact me or any other committee member to discuss however you feel you can help, for a short while, or for the next year, large or small contributions are always welcomed.


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