President Report – October 2014

October Report

This is my favourite time of year in the Club’s Calendar as my favourite annual events of Day of Triumph and All Triumph Observation Run. Then the Christmas Dinner, Mid Week run and the Ice Cream Run. Great weather for driving a Triumph with the roof off, down or just the windows down.

Competition events are still on, and each month our club mailbox is flooded with other clubs in other towns holding classic car events for this time of year and into the new year. Certainly something for everyone with any taste of a Motoring Passion.

Our last meeting had on stage an Audi R8, not a Triumph, but it was great to meet the owner who is as passionate about his car as most of you are. His story was certainly entertaining of how his purchase of an Aston Martin turned into the Audi. And his love of his car shone through.

Reminded me a little of how my search in 1999 for an MG resulted in a car I had never seen nor heard of, the Triumph Spitfire. The places the Spitty and I have travelled to have likely amazed the most qualified mechanic with its whines, grinds, wheezes and rattles, but I love that car so much and despite the occasional fault from lack of use, it never stops to put a smile on my face.

On the last club run through the Adelaide Hills it was given a chance to stretch its legs without a navigator, enough to catch up on the cars in front, and leave some behind all at legal speeds. The Spitfire can barely exceed the legal limits, but handles so well through the twists and turns of the Hills areas and due to my recent absence from the race track, it was a blast hugging the apex and zooming through our glorious country side with the breeze blowing around me. I truly feel alive when driving my classic cars. There is nothing boring about it.

Thankfully on our runs we always keep our driving standards safe. It is a shame that we have to share the road with other less attentive drivers and it was with great shock I was alerted to an accident involving one of our members on his way to the National Meeting in WA. All the signs indicate he was not at fault, but I fear that his beautiful Triumph, featured in our 2015 Calendar, will no longer feel the open road again. However Triumphs can be replaced, lives can’t and it was pleasing to hear that although he sustained some serious injuries, he lives another day to enjoy his passion of Classic Cars. On behalf of the TSOA, we wish him a full & speedy recovery.

Due to my Wedding Plans, I will not be able to attend the Day of Triumph at Civic Park which I am sure will be a huge success. Come along in your Triumph to get your Historic Rego Inspection completed, or to collect a free copy of our 2015 Commerative Calendar. I am looking forward to seeing some great photos and hearing some great reports. Until then, safe and happy motoring.


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