President’s Report May 2013

Hi All,

I today sent an email out to all of our members that I have an email address for. For those of you without email, (or we don’t have a current email address) I want to use this opportunity to share something I feel is important for the future of keeping our beloved TRiumphs on the road at a realistic and appropriate cost.

I know many of you currently enjoy the Historic Registration Scheme, but I am sure many of you also know a fellow TSOA member or Car Enthusiast with a car that doesn’t meet the Code.

The Street Machine Association of SA (SMASA) has previously begun a fight to allow modified vehicles into the code, to bring us in line with other states Club Permit schemes etc. They began this before the last Code was accepted, and weren’t successful at that stage, however they haven’t given up!

I know many of you personally dislike wildly modified vehicles, Air Filters or Carbies sticking out of the bonnets, massive rear oversized rubber, but this Modified Vehicle Inclusion could be critical to the future of Triumph Cars on the Historic Registration Scheme as replacement parts become harder to source, or safety upgrades are needed. Although there is still a good range of parts available thanks to the Internet, I’ll bet most of you have a story of a struggle to find just that right part, or have concerns over the safety and reliability of a standard or 2nd hand part fitted to your pride & joy, and carrying around your most valuable asset, your life, and your loved ones.

I’d love to have much better brakes on the Spitfire. Naturally I always keep a safe distance from the car in front, but naturally I need to share the road. Some better brakes can avoid the heart starter of someone pulling in front of me and then jumping on their ABS, Porcelain, Brembo, vented, cross drilled stoppers etc.

I just signed the petition “South Australian Government, Dept of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure: Include pre 1979 Modified Vehicles in Conditional Registration ” on If you Google it, I am sure you will find it, or email me for a link.

It’s important. Will you sign it too? I hope many of you do, and that our State Government seriously considers some further inclusions into the Code.

Look forward to seeing you all on the road or at the next event soon!
Duane Kaak

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