President’s Thoughts – January 2012

We are all set for another great TSOA club year, and I would take this opportunity to wish all members a happy and prosperous New Year. But before I advise you of some great coming events the committee has planned, I was wondering if you have broken any new year’s resolutions yet? Maybe it’s not too late to consider putting in place one or two more, and then come out and meet and enjoy this year’s events that have been planned with your fellow club members.

Do you have a Triumph off the road with and with little effort you can repair it and get it back on the road ?

Do you have a project car languishing in the garage looking to be completed? Well I encourage you to set a new year’s resolution in place and be inspired to finish the project this year.

Do you have a Triumph that is road worthy but never gets used? Well now is the time to brush of the cob webs and come out on our club runs.

We look forward to seeing current and new members joining in our club runs and competition events over the next year.Here are some of the events your committee has planned for the first quarter of 2012 and many more are to follow:

(1) The 19th annual Ice Cream run to be held on this weekend – Sat 28th Jan. at 7.00pm. We have planned a revised extended run along the Adelaide foreshore and hopefully we will have a great sunset as we cruise to Noonie’s via Outer Harbour.

(2) The All British Day held on Sun. 12th February at the Uraidla oval. Unfortunately it is too late to enter your car but you are welcome to attend on the day and view the 800+ British car and bikes on display.

(3) The MSCA picnic and presentation day held on Sun. 26th of February and this year will be held at Sefafino’s (McClaren on the Lake) at McClaren Vale. A great picnic day is promised at this new venue.

(4) The Hindmarsh Island run with the option of a Tiger moth flight for the adventurist to be held on Sun. 28TH March – please note the full payment is required to Rod Dent by the February 21st general meeting.

For full details please refer to the event notices either within the calendar on this website or in the last issue of your TRak magazine.

Now for a quick update on the Historic Registration scheme (CHVRS)

Details of the scheme revision remain unchanged from our previously published comments with the exception of a request to clubs to recommend changes to the general wording of the “Code” in an effort to simplify the interpretation. We as a club have made a submission to the Federation and DPTI and we await the outcome of any revisions that may be accepted from all clubs who responded.

The CHVRS is before State Cabinet for approval and was expected to be approved by March this year, it is not known if the last minute request for comments will further delay the implementation.In the mean time, until we receive and further advice we will be operating the scheme as we have in recent years, and the only changes we are currently aware of awaiting Parliamentary approval are :

(1)   Effective date for eligibility will be reset to vehicles manufactured prior to 1st January 1979.  If you own a vehicle manufactured between 1979 and 1982 and has been approved for the scheme then these vehicles will remain in the scheme. Refer to previous reports on the subject.

(2)   A mandatory yearly inspection of the approved vehicles is proposed, and your committee is working on establishing dates and times for this new requirement. Watch for details in future magazines.

(3)   Approved LHD vehicles effectively date will be standardised from the current 1974 date to 1st January 1979 as with RHD vehicles.

Due to a recent medical condition our club scheme controller Tom long has lost most of his sight and has advised me as a result he will not be able to continue running the scheme. In the short term Kevin Foster will take over the running of the scheme until the committee confirm the new appointment at the February committee meeting.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my sincere thanks to Tom for his efforts and involvement in the scheme over the last ten years, and wish him well for the future as he adjusts to this unfortunate circumstance.

Look forward to catching up in the near future,

John Sampson

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