Report – All Triumph Rally for the Tony Esau Memorial Trophy


Well the 6.00am start was great (Urgh) for a Sunday morning, and we loaded the car and set off up to Top of Taps to unload  the BBQ and supplies and get the instructions for the day.

About thirty five people attended – some smart people not in Triumph’s in case they won….others in Triumph’s set off along South Road to Myponga.  Over the dam we went – great scenic drive and onto Yankalilla.

Off onto the questions (well most people…I managed to set myself up in the Bakery and drank coffee, watching everyone run up and down the main street, tearing their hair out looking for answers!) a few people joined me and said wow…too hard…all was lost!

Then my man who is usually so competitive in this event came and said no way…so I knew it was going to be an eventful drive for the next hour or so!  Then back into the car…well poor Bill caught his hand in the door and a few words were said.  Fortunately I had an ice pack in the car so we drove to Glacier Rock with hand in ice pack and then parked in the car park…out came the first aid kit…blood etc from finger….clean up and bandage the finger and lots of pain!

So that was the end of questions for us and we went directly to the lunch spot where Alex and Sue had secured a great place in the Rose Garden Park in Willunga.  BBQ set up and Bill (sore finger and all) started to cook with the help of members to ensure Lunch was ready for everyone.

All in all a great day and thanks to Alex and Sue for taking the time to set the run and to Sue Gibson for helping me organise the food. Can’t wait till next year!

Margie Berlemon.

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