Socially Speaking – February 2015

Welcome to 2015 and our 50th Anniversary Year.  We plan to have several events to mark this great achievement for our Club, so watch this space!

The Informal meeting with car boot sale went well, (despite the Tour Down Under) and the men folk enjoyed the evening with the girls heading to Mondiali Cafe on Unley road to enjoy coffee and Gelato!

Upcoming events:

Ice Cream Run – Saturday 31st January starting at Super Cheap on Port Road at 7.30pm heading to Noonies Cafe for Ice Creams and coffee.
All British Day – Sunday 8th February at the Echunga Oval – entry by 10.00 am for cars on display Visitors after 10.30am.
General Meeting – Tuesday February 20th 8.00pm Sporting Car Club
Dates for the Weekender – Friday 15th May – Sunday 17th May (two nights this year!)

So let’s all enjoy our Triumph’s in this special year.

Till we meet again.

Bill Berlemon.

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