2015 Day of Triumph

Its our 50th year so lets make it a good one. We have been officially accepted today by the Holdfast Bay council . . . well, at least I put my name on the line and signed off on the document.

This year we will be at Wigley Reserve Glenelg and display set up starts at 8.30 until official close at 3.30. I will be asking around for helpers once again but this year the trophy winners will not be announced until the report goes out that week. It will give us a bit more time and allow the judges to reflect and not be as rushed, we want this year to be as relaxed as possible. I hope to have our club inspectors there also so those that need their cars inspected for historic registration can have that done too. This years event is prior to the Nationals so we should all be polished ready for the trip.

So set the date Sunday the 25th October and have those Triumphs ready for what we expect to be a great day for the club and also a great close to the year with the Classic Adelaide the week before and the Nationals the week after. A bit of rest and then our annual club dinner, where those that were lucky enough will have their trophy presented.

For now happy Easter everyone and see you on the next run.

Best Regards, Ian Rigby

Ian at Bathurst 2013

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  1. Roger Says:

    Ian, I hope you like my enhancements to your article . . . Website Editor

  2. Ian Rigby Says:

    Thanks Roger looks good. I was running out of steam the night I did it and was trying to run a new system reducing the size of my pictures. Did a bit of testing and so far so good. Cheers Ian

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