Small section of the vast crowd eagerly awaiting for the start of the 1995 Inland Run to Victor.
L -R, Tony Esau, Cherri Lange, Faye Esau, John Tuohy, Tony Case, John Fechner

I ran the ‘Inland Run to Victor’ observation run from 1980 until 1999 and provided a trophy for the winners. It really
suited the times and was to become the highlight road event of the year.
After a drivers’ briefing on departure, all were given a route sheet and a questionnaire to complete along the way, so
boredom was not an issue. For those who made it to Victor Harbor, free beer and a barbecue awaited.
I seem to recall the weather was always fine, and never did we experience rain to spoil the day out.
Questionnaires were handed in on arrival for me to adjudicate the winner, which always seemed to take such a long
Of course, it also took a very long time to set the course and provide the sometimes cryptic questions, so I inevitably
ended up going to Victor forty times over the of life of the event.
I loved doing it, it was so worthwhile. Perhaps I might bring it back if I am encouraged to do so.

And the winners are………..
1980 – Ray Taylor – TR4
1981 – Helmut Liepe – TR5
1982 – Chris Meulengraaf – Spitfire
1983 – Bob Burke –
1984 – Louis Whittle/Sean Field – GT6
1985 – Geoff Bills –
1986 – Bob Burke –
1987 – Steve McReady –
1988 – Bill McGuiness –
1989 – Geoff Bills –
1990 – Paul Swain –
1991 – Roger Lange/Peter Ruta –
1992 – Roger Lange –
1993 – Roger Lange –
1994 – Trevor Lindsay –
1995 – Roger & Cherri Lange – TR6
1996 – Jac Dittmar –
1997 – Peter Ruta/Des Wilkinson –
1998 – Peter Ruta/M.Whiston


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