President’s Report – May 2012

What a great time of the year, the weather for the last few weeks has been tremendous, it makes you want to get out as often as humanly possible and cruise through those magnificent Adelaide Hills. Who would want to live anywhere else.

Another great Breakfast Run was set by Ian and Raelene Rigby starting at Burnside Town hall with a run through our wonderful hills to Gumeracha for a chance to show off our culinary skills cooking breakfast. This was followed by late morning tea / lunch (?) at Cuddly Creek. The reason for the (?) ….. well it is time to fess up  that Barb and I had an interstate visitor and didn’t make the run this year. I am sure that a full report will be documented latter in the magazine.

Those members who attended the general meeting on the 17th April, would have discovered that we didn’t have a member’s Triumph on the display stage for the evenings “show and tell”. Due to a lack of available Triumphs for the night we broke the long tradition and showed a member’s second pride and joy. This proved to be a successful option and from time to time we will endeavour to show member’s other cars.This Month we had Rick and Maree Staehr’s recently purchased and superbly presented 1966 Ford Mustang, and while not a British Marque it attracted a lot of attention.

Historic Registration Scheme update,

I thought that this report was going to be a repeat of the last couple … still waiting info,                                           but Just before leaving for the meeting I received some information via a third party advising that the DPTI had issued a statement, In brief the statement states:

(1)  The proposed amendments to the CHVR scheme along with the draft amendments to the legislation have been put forward for final deliberation at the highest level within Government.

(2)   As soon as any changes are confirmed the DPTI will contact all car clubs currently HVRS authorised with the information directly

(3)   The Transport Minister will issue a formal media release and the DPTI web site will be updated to reflect the news.

(4)   There will be an opportunity for the SMASA and FHMV and as I read it some key clubs to provide comment on the final draft of a revised Code of Practice, this will happen as soon as any legislative amendments have been approved.

I can only assume that the process is close to completion and we will finally have the understanding to move this forward in our club as needed / required.

Look forward to catching up soon,

John Sampson

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