President’s Thoughts for July 2010

As I cobble together these thoughts, it is just a matter of days before we depart on our overseas jaunt. The excitement builds as we look forward to our adventure . . . visiting with our American friends, taking our first look at Europe, enjoying a wonderful scenic river cruise for a couple of weeks and then back home, all the while playing “spot the Triumph” as one does when on foreign soil.

There has been a lot of turmoil around the globe over recent times, what with the GFC, volcanoes erupting, massive human disasters, various wars underway etc., and no matter how you look at it, there is much to worry about. Mostly, there is just nothing we can do about things . . . they just happen. We sit back in front of our plasma screen and get fed all the daily news as seen by the media – not always correct, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

We have a lot to be thankful for, us Australians. Talk about the “Lucky Country”! So we don’t have a lot to grumble about . . .  but we do – it is natural. I am a good example of this . . . but please don’t get me started . . . politics, religion, news stories . . .  we all talk to the TV don’t we? Or is it just me?

Anyway, back on track – generally, there is a lot to look back on and worry. Our trip has focused us on looking forward, and it is a very refreshing position to be in. But it is not just the trip that we look forward to. Sure, seeing parts of the world not visited before and visiting old friends will be great, but looking beyond that, just the simple things are usually something to dwell on with anticipation.

When away from home, we enjoy the experience, but we also look forward to coming home. We look forward to giving the grand kids a hug and a present from our trip, and of course dusting off the Triumph and going for a drive. There are just so many things in our lives that we take for granted – everyday things that may not be that exciting, but when you take a step back and review, usually these are the things that keep us all going. The anticipation of what lies ahead.

Personally, I will be thinking about the race meeting at Mallala on August 21st/22nd and making a nuisance of myself in with the MG’s, and then the TSOA Nationals in September, and our local club events over the later months of the year. There is much to look forward to – even the tea and scone runs! Should we formalise an annual run to celebrate this trend?

Speaking of competition events, (getting back on track again) I know that several of you have talked to me recently about having an interest in doing club competition events, but wanting a less stressful introduction to see if you like it enough to go to the next level. Well, I hope that you have taken advantage of the MSCA day at Mallala coming up on the 8th August. This will be an ideal opportunity for you to see what Mallala is like, and to experience your Triumph (or any other car you may choose) at speed. It will also be an opportunity to learn a bit about car control and improving your driving skills. So give it a go!

With those thoughts, I look forward (there it goes again!) to seeing you on our return . . . . around the time of the AGM.


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