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Sporting Triumphs March/April 2011

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011


March 18 – 20 Phillip Island Classic

This historic meeting was once again one not to miss. A number of Triumphs competed in Group S and in Regularity and I managed to catch up with some of the drivers and also some spectators from SA. A TR5 ventured all the way from the UK to compete. Apart from a siezed metering unit, which was promptly replaced from spares of other competitors, the car ran well. There was also a huge turn out of Can Am type sports and racing cars. Unfortunately, the Elfin ME5 (which I was pit crew for) came to grief on oil in the 20 lap main race on Sunday. Nothing that can’t be fixed with time and money.

March 21 – 25 Lake Gairdner Speed Week

This event was cancelled at the last moment due to wet weather. The lake had managed to avoid all the earlier rain and flooding, but finally succumbed. A new timing system was to be tried – there’s always next year.

March 27 MSCA Supersprint Rd1 at Mallala

Roger Lange (Dolomite), Neil Martin (TR7 V8) and Bryan Young (Vitesse) took to the track for the first sprint of 2011. Roger had brake wobble issues and a faulty oil pressure guage that caused some initial concern though the car was fine for the drive home. I believe this was Bryan’s first time out with a new motor, and apart from a little fan belt spitting, initial reports are it ran well. Neil ran reliably as usual. Further details will be furnished as they come to hand.

April 23 – 24 Easter Historic Race Meeting Mallala

The Sporting Car Club of SA is inviting clubs and individuals to display their classic vehicles on the Saturday of this event (23 April). $15/car load and an extra $5 if you wish to drive around the circuit during the lunch break. There is also a prize for best club display. If you intend to go, hopefully you have already entered – closing date 8 April. Let me know if you have entered and wish to part of a TSOA display and run to the track. If there are enough numbers we will fly the TSOA banner and promote the marque. Triumphs from Victoria and NSW are entered in the races. Roger also may enter the Dolomite in Regularity.

May 1 MSCA 6HR – Mallala

We currently have 8 competitors, 3 from Victoria and 5 locals. So, there will be at least 1 TSOA team this year, perhaps 2. If you are interested in being a part of the team, either as a competitor or assisting with the organisation please let me know asap. Thank you to those that have already registered their interest in competing or assisting. I will be contacting competitors in the first week of April to progress entries.

June 4 – 5 Rd 2 State Racing Championship Mallala

I hope to have the GT6 entered in this event to give it an airing before the All Triumph Race weekend.

June 26 All Triumph Race Wakefield Park

This year it looks like there will be 5 competitors venturing over to Goulburn in NSW for the annual All Triumph Races on Sunday 26th June and Sprints on Saturday 25th. We will be leaving Thursday 23rd and returning Tuesday 28th. Contact me if you want to know more about this event or wish to tag along.

July 3 MSCA Supersprint Rd2 at Mallala

Our Club has been rostered to assist with flag duties at this round. Please let me know if you will be able to assist. This is a great opportunity to get up close to the racing. Lunch and refreshments are supplied. We need a minimum of 4 and preferably 6 volunteers to be paired into groups of 2.


If you have racing apparel it would be prudent to check the new standards to make sure your clothing complies. I haven’t fully absorbed the changes yet, but you can try to make sense of it by reading Schedule D of the online CAMS manual.


Trevor Lindsay

Member’s Triumphs (and Tribulations!)

Monday, March 28th, 2011


Chuck Falzon’s magnificent Triumph 1800 Roadster – pictured at the 2011 All British Day.

President’s Thoughts for March 2011

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Last week I read an interesting article in the January 2011 edition of OCTANE magazine, so I have paraphrased some of the detail (and hopefully not infringed any copy write)The regular column was written by Jay Leno the American Talk show host who is also well known as a true petrol head with a “massive” collection of classic and prestige vehicles. That’s the magazine’s description of Jay not mine.

The Article starts off “My McLaren F1 went back into the McLaren service centre near LA recently” and he goes on to describe how depressing it is for him that he cannot do the work in his own workshop as there is no workshop manual. While he loves the car his passion for it has not grown because he doesn’t feel involved with the car.

Jay goes on to say he enjoys cars like his Lotus Elan, XK120 and others in his collection because he is “involved in their inner workings” and finds them much more exciting to drive, because he is intimately involved with them, and therefore wants to use them more.

He wonders if today’s “enthusiasts” (I guess meaning the next generation) feel and care for their vehicles as much, as they do not understand how they work, he refers to a website called wrecked Exotics, which is about people who have wrecked the newly purchased exotic cars, sometimes in the first few weeks of owning them and then go out and buy another one, the throwaway society. He obviously mixes in different circles than we do. He goes on saying that you rarely see a classic vehicles on this website as their owners have worked on, polished, changed the oil on their special vehicles, and drive them with respect.

The article continues on and makes other similar points, and I feel no need to continue, but in made me ponder, our club and our members who obviously fall under the same heading as Jay’s Classic vehicle owners, are passionate about their vehicles, but what about the next generation ?I think it is important for us as a club and club members to get out there and display our vehicles, learn more about how they work and pass this on to the “next generation”

To this end I am pleased we as a club are trying to promote and revive our Technical meetings and I would encourage as many members as possible to attend these special events as they evolve.

Hopefully you will pick up and learn techniques therefore gaining confidence to attempt the work yourself.

The next “Technical meeting” is a learn how to “spray paint session” with a practical workshop. Details can be found in this edition of Track. Come along and learn, but be quick as there are only about 30 places. New members and those currently restoring their cars who normally do not attend our functions are welcome to come along too.

If any member has ideas or suggestions that could evolve into further Technical meetings then I am sure John Tuohy (contact details inside font cover of Track.) would help develop them.

There is also a Golden opportunity to promote the club and the marque, by attending the Easter Historic race meeting at Mallala on Easter Saturday the 23rd of April, and displaying your vehicle either as an individual or as a club at the Saturday display day. There is a cost to enter but if you have more than one person in your car then it is cheaper than attending the day just to watch the event, and if you are interested then you can also do a lap or maybe two of the Mallala circuit under controlled conditions. For further details again see inside this copy of Track, but remember you must register and have your entry in by early April.  Contact Trevor Lindsay for details, again his contact details are in the inside front cover of Track, or visit the Sporting Car Club of SA’s website.

Last Sunday the All British Day was held at the Uraidla oval, and it was a roaring success, the weather was perfect and there was a record attendance. I would like to thank Arrand Ellery, Kevin McEnroe and Kevin Foster for helping with the marshalling on the day.

A special thanks also goes out to all the club members who helped make up the TRIUMPH Display on the day, it was a great turn out.  Again the 47 vehicles from a single marque club was up there as one of the largest club displays. If you missed out this year then mark the second Sunday in February each year for this special picnic day and keep your eyes open for the entry forms in September each year.

That’s all for now.

Till we meet again

John Sampson