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Shannons Triumph Special Report

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015


Have a look at the report on the Triumph Saloon found on Shannons website at



Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I need to see a photo of a Triumph when I open up the TSOA SA web page, so here is one of my favourites.

Why not load one of your own on to the site – at least for a while, you will get front page exposure of your car and your personal photographic artistry.

RogerLaurie Cousin

Socially Speaking July 2015

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

It’s now a few weeks since our last annual weekender and as I think back to it with both pride and joy. Margie and I were pleased to put together this weekend which resulted in lots of fun and fond memories. As per usual, spending a weekend with our club members is a delight. Meal times are always enjoyable with the buzz around the room; fun and interesting activities were shared and friendships were built on. Peggy Argent has built on her reputation as being the ‘General’ of the kitchen by organising the ‘men’ to cook breakfast each morning…thanks Peggy. Pleased to say we had 12 Triumphs on the run with no major mishaps! The weekender was our first major run in our new car, (ex Tony Harvie 2500 Saloon) was enjoyed in comfort and reminds us of just how good these ‘old’ cars are.

Bob and Lorraine Cini’s June run to Garden Grove at Golden Grove had us departing from Burnside to Montacute through Cuddlee Creek down Corkscrew Road along Gorge Road, Northeast Road, Hancock Road to Garden Grove. A good lunch was enjoyed by all and plants, giftware, outdoor furniture was there in plenty.  Lorraine Page bought a new Flamingo which we believe is going home for a pink paintjob…and Ian Rigby got the bargain of the day with a $900 outdoor setting without Raelene being there!!

Looking forward to our 50th Anniversary Dinner on July 4th with 60 past and present members attending.

Our next club run is on the 19th July to Strathalbyn departing from Top of Taps at 10.00am.  Our August social event is a Dolphin River Cruise at Port Adelaide.

Having held the Social Secretary role for several years, is it time for someone new to step forward and take over this role from Margie and I with some new ideas and motivation?? We will be prepared to continue to organise the annual weekender, but a break from this position would be welcomed. Talk to us if you want some more info.

Till we meet again

Bill Berlemon (and Margie)

Girl Torque

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Congratulations to Naomi and Darren and the birth of Zahra on June 12th weighing 3.26kg and 49cm long.  A little sister for Jasmine, Cameron and Lilly to cuddle and enjoy.

The Supper Roster is looking bare….please advise if you can help out….it is not fair that the supper is being provided each month by the same few people….if we are going to continue providing supper at the meetings, then we need more helpers…please let me know if you can assist.

The next Ladies Lunch will be on Tuesday July 14th at Caffe Buongiorno , Belair Road, Mitcham at 12.00pm.  See you there!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Anniversary dinner!

Kind regards

Margie Berlemon AM