Club Registration Scheme – effective from 1/7/17

A new Code of Practice for the 90 day Conditional Registration Scheme for Historic (and other vehicles) became effective from 1/7/17.

Within the “Club Registration” tab on this website you will find a complete copy of the new Code of Practice and also a link to the government website to view the guidelines and requirements regarding modifications to vehicles under MR1457.

The new scheme is welcome news to all historic motoring enthusiasts and should enable many more of our members to access the many benefits that the scheme offers.

Contact the TSOA Club Registration Scheme Representatives if you have any specific queries regarding the Scheme.

4 Responses to “Club Registration Scheme – effective from 1/7/17”

  1. Duane Kaak Says:

    Couldn’t afford to keep my collection on the road without this.

  2. Ian Rigby Says:

    I’m sure that there will be a settling in period but we have great support with this in the club. I’m hearing stories already of a few issues with paperwork and what they need filling out but nothing that could not be sorted. Ian

  3. Neil Martin Says:

    I have changed my car to the new scheme and it went with out a hitch. Just have to remember to fill out my log book before leaving the shed. But I am now in Darwin so my car won’t get any exercise for a couple of months.
    Cheers, neil

  4. Duane Kaak Says:

    The beauty of this scheme is perfect for things like Neil. Away from home, or too cold to drive in winter, or undergoing repairs, either way you can still get 90 days of driving when you are ready at a cheap cost!

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