Short Trip to the WA 2014 Nationals

I spent 8 years bringing my Stag up to virtual ex-factory specification. This involved the rectifying of the myriad of ‘bodges’ that had accumulated in the 30 years prior to my ownership, and replacement of parts worn out due to age.

Stephens Stag pre resized


I set out for the 2014 rally in Perth on the 16th October having plenty of time to get there. After all, 1000km per day is very achievable in a Grand Tourer such as the Stag.

I had only travelled as far as Port Germain when an idiot crossed my path.

Stephens Crash Scene

I found out later that a requirement for passengers in the rescue helicopter is that you be completely naked and travel in a sort of body bag. The only clothes that are not cut off, and therefore ruined, are shoes.

I woke up in hospital, and as I was not TOO badly damaged, I thought my Stag would be repairable.


Stephens Stag post

The only panel not buckled is the boot lid. Although the rear bumper and rear lights are also undamaged. Six months later and I have still not recovered enough to drive any car.

The idiot who caused the crash was prosecuted by police.  She was charged with aggravated driving without due care and pleaded guilty.  She was sentenced to 10 weeks in custody, but this was suspended upon entering an 18 month good behaviour bond. She was disqualified from driving for 15 months.

Stephen Wade



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