Socially Speaking – May 2021

Socially Speaking for June 2021

The Weekender ran well, with 30 Adults and 1 child attending.  Huge thanks to Lisa and Dean for running Friday for us, as we had to attend a funeral.  I believe the day went well, and the visits to the Sea Squadron, Pt Pirie RSL and PADARC went well. Saturday, we went to Jamestown and visited Jack Flower and his amazing engines, which he made – wow to have the ability to do this, was a place to remember!  Sunday, we had billy tea and damper for morning tea, and then onto the Olive Bus for Lunch. Thanks everyone for a great weekend.

June is a Visit to Virginia Nursery for Brunch, and July is going to be a mid year Christmas and Presentation of Trophies, so watch this space for details!

Bill and Margie



Tuesday June 15th   General Meeting – Sporting Car Club, King William Road, Hyde Park 8.00pm

Sunday June 20th Brunch run to Virginia Nursery . . . see below


Sunday 18th         Mid-Year Christmas and Presentation of Trophies from All Triumph Day info TBA

Tuesday 20th    General Meeting – Sporting Car Club, King William Road, Hyde Park 8.00pm


Doncho’s   Café Restaurant for Brunch at

Virginia Nursery on June 20th 2021

Meet   8.20am at Burnside council car park.

For a 8.30am start

We will have a zig zag run to the Café for Brunch arriving approximately   9.30am.

If you would like to meet at the café please

let Peg know phone: 040 90 90 369

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  1. Duane Kaak Says:

    For me, it felt that the Olive Bus lunch was a little rushed on the weekender, but I was the only one to experience this! Great weekend, and thanks to the country kindness, and a new relay, our Stag made it to lunch before the kitchen closed and home again smoothly. Well done again Bill & Margie and on behalf of many, we warmly invite you to plan a 2022 event!

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