President’s Report – December 2013

December 10th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

November was a fantastic month for Triumph Enthusiasts. Even though I’m writing this before months end, the TSOA has had some terrific events, The Day of Triumph in absolute perfect weather, a discounted buffet breakfast at Café Primo and a complimentary printed Photo of entrants cars, made for an amazing day. However, I do know that some people can leave the day a little disappointed after spending many hours, cleaning, polishing & waxing their pride and joy, not to win a trophy. Hopefully, an honest, step back approach to looking at the other Concours cars gives you many ideas on what it takes to win at this very high standard.

I personally love the Club introducing many years ago the Pride of Ownership category. As original parts become harder to source, as you personlise your car and for people that love to regularly drive their Triumph in any weather on any road, this is a fantastic class to compete in and was certainly the biggest group of entries on the day.

But no matter if your car won a trophy or not, just by being there and proudly displaying your Triumph mingling with other Triumph enthusiasts, I think everyone can say it was a wonderful day. I am looking forward to next years event already.

I am also looking forward to next years observation run to be set by Rory & Sue Gibson. They both seem to always uncover some new roads to travel on and I know they are very keen on their quizzes and trivia, so it is sure to be another great event. It was great to see Children and Grandchildren of members out this year, this younger generation might be the long term future of our club so if you have a Stag or Saloon you are happy to lend for a day, so we can have less excuses for not driving a Triumph (I can even loan my tired Spitfire with a dodgy gearbox to someone if needed !),  let me know.

At this time of year, the General Monthly meeting with its formalities takes a summer holiday, so does the competition side, (thankfully as I desperately need more time to save for some new racing tyres!) but this is always a great time of year to connect with family & Triumph friends and enjoy a leisurely cruise now that your Triumph is looking at its best and the days are longer. I hope to see as many of you at the upcoming events, keep your Trak handy for reminders of events, and check the website also.

Duane Kaak

Report – Day of Triumph 2013

November 28th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

The Day of Triumph was held in perfect conditions with approximately 45 cars on display .

Dino Vettese who owns Cafe Primo in the TTP shopping centre offered TSOA members a $5 buffet breakfast and many members partook of a hearty breakfast before judging began in earnest.

There was particularly keen competition in the TR4/5 and TR6 classes which provided the overall winners on the day.

Thanks to Alan Gold and Lyle Taylor who collated all the scores and the team of judges who all did a splendid job.   Once again we were able to use the tent from the Girl Guides and thanks to Bill & Margie for organising this along with tables and chairs for the collators.

Thanks also to Bob Cini who once again opened up the reserve early Sunday morning to ensure access is secured, and all those members who assisted on the day.

Dean Berlemon did a great job photographing all vehicles with their owners and delivering them before the end of the event.

Congratulations to winners of the various classes who are listed below and also to the outright winners, 1st Dino Vettese, 2nd John Fricke and 3rd John Tuohy.

Trophies were awarded as per the rules which were published in TRak.

CONCOURS                          PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP
TR2/3/3A/3B           No eligible winner                         Kevin McEnroe
TR4/4A/5                1st John Fricke                             No Entry
2nd John Tuohy
3rd Greg Fiedler
TR6                         Dino Vettese                               Haydn McPherson
TR7/8                      Roger Lange                               Jack Zeunert
Spitfire/GT6            No entry                                       Kyle Lill
Stag                        No Entry                                      Mike Temby
Saloon                    John Tuohy                                 Bill Berlemon
Herald                     No entry                                      No entry
Dolomite                 No entry                                       No entry
Modified                  Dino Vettese                               Kevin Foster
Competition            Neil Martin                                  Geoff Burdon
Pre 54                     No entry                                      No entry
Restoration             No entry                                      No entry
Masters                   Roger Lange

Michelotti Trophy                John Fricke

Harris Mann Trophy            Roger Lange

Register Trophy                  No eligible entry

Herald/Vitesse Trophy        No eligible entry

Rory Gibson

Socially Speaking – December 2013

November 24th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

The Day of Triumph was well attended with 45 cars on display. The weather was fine and there were loads of public visitors to the site – quite a number of members went across the road to Café Primo for a great breakfast – thanks again to Dino Vitesse for his great offer. Trophy winners listed elsewhere. Thanks to everyone who helped on the day.

Our annual observation run saw 35 people head off at the start about half in Triumph’s (not wanting to set next year’s run!). The questions were difficult and brought out the best in Rory and Sue who were the eventual winners! The run was great and BBQ lunch was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Alex and Sue Smithson for all their hard work and setting the run, and setting up our lunch area.

Pleased to report we currently have 74 members signed up for the Christmas dinner (to the relief of Sue!) and will be a great event.

The next Club run will be on December 29th for more food and festivities following Christmas…just what we all need! See Flyer for more details.

2014 will start with the Club informal meeting on January 21st. Just for a change could you please bring along any model cars which you could display for us all to enjoy. It may even be an opportunity to sell any duplicate models or surplus stock – for interest sake it may not be just cars, but any models you would like to share. Ladies will head off to Gelato and coffee as per usual.

Margie and I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Birthday wishes to Maureen Gold, Sue Taylor, Natalie Farrell, and Margie Berlemon.

Till next time – a happier Social Secretary!

Bill Berlemon.

Girl Torque – December 2013

November 24th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Firstly may I take this opportunity to thank all the ladies for their support with the Supper roster for the year….as the saying goes….many hands make light work…and this is the case if we share the load.  Look out January ….we will have the list again for 2014!

The January meeting will again be off to CIBO for Gelato and Coffee for the ladies….look forward to the catch-up following the Festive Season.

Best wishes to everyone for the Festive Season – I hope it is a safe and happy season for all.

Margie Berlemon.

President’s Report – November 2013

November 11th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Welcome back to those who attended the recent National Meeting. Alex Smithson gave us a glowing report from the National Meeting, it always sounds like lots of fun, and I’m sure a detailed report will be in Trak for you all to read.  It was great to hear all made it there and back safely and no major mechanical problems were encountered. Before buying my first Triumph, and shortly thereafter, I heard of some scary stories of Triumphs being unreliable, the Prince of Darkness always lurking etc, but although I have had a few minor issues that have been easily fixed, despite letting the Spitfire sit still for months on end it always starts and runs with no major drama.

I loved hearing Phil Bagust’s story of his Triumph 2000 being dragged from the jaws of a crusher and knee high weeds etc,  within hours the Saloon was running and could be driven with transmission, brakes etc. My Spitfire was sitting still in a shed for around 7 or 8 years when I simply poured petrol in it, a fresh battery and it started.

I’m sure the men that built these cars 50 years ago would be so proud to hear how these cars have survived and continue to run today.

No doubt they would also be impressed with their modern day equivalent men (and women) who have rebuilt these cars and maintained them to very high standards. It was truly a pleasure to hear that some cars from our club picked up a trophy or two at the National Meeting and a big Congratulations to Noel & Cindy Schmidt who not only presented their Triumph to TSOA concours standards and awards and not only to a level that stood out above hundreds of other marques and exotics in Noosa,  but themselves also in best dressed events.

The Day of Triumph is just around the corner. If you are reading this online on our Website then you still have time to bring your Triumph, in any condition, along. It does not need to be shining, perfect, fast or judged, just put it on display and proudly show off your piece of Triumph history.

Better still, invite your friends to come along to support you and see your car and others like it. Invite them along to the All Triumph Observation Run also. There are still Triumphs for sale in Adelaide, from $1,200 to Oh my Gosh how much , and as a club it would be great to see so many more Triumphs saved from doom, be maintained and on the road participating actively in our club.

Till next time, drive safely.

Duane Kaak

TSOA Members and their Triumphs

November 11th, 2013. Submitted by admin.


Winner of the 2012 TSOA SA Concours, and three year winner of the Harris Mann Trophy for TR7/8 bodied cars saw Roger’s silver TR8 elevated to the Masters Class for 2013. Didn’t it look great centre stage at Civic Park . . . even if it was a bit lonely . . .

Report – All Triumph Rally for the Tony Esau Memorial Trophy

November 10th, 2013. Submitted by admin.


Well the 6.00am start was great (Urgh) for a Sunday morning, and we loaded the car and set off up to Top of Taps to unload  the BBQ and supplies and get the instructions for the day.

About thirty five people attended – some smart people not in Triumph’s in case they won….others in Triumph’s set off along South Road to Myponga.  Over the dam we went – great scenic drive and onto Yankalilla.

Off onto the questions (well most people…I managed to set myself up in the Bakery and drank coffee, watching everyone run up and down the main street, tearing their hair out looking for answers!) a few people joined me and said wow…too hard…all was lost!

Then my man who is usually so competitive in this event came and said no way…so I knew it was going to be an eventful drive for the next hour or so!  Then back into the car…well poor Bill caught his hand in the door and a few words were said.  Fortunately I had an ice pack in the car so we drove to Glacier Rock with hand in ice pack and then parked in the car park…out came the first aid kit…blood etc from finger….clean up and bandage the finger and lots of pain!

So that was the end of questions for us and we went directly to the lunch spot where Alex and Sue had secured a great place in the Rose Garden Park in Willunga.  BBQ set up and Bill (sore finger and all) started to cook with the help of members to ensure Lunch was ready for everyone.

All in all a great day and thanks to Alex and Sue for taking the time to set the run and to Sue Gibson for helping me organise the food. Can’t wait till next year!

Margie Berlemon.

Competition Report – November 2013

October 23rd, 2013. Submitted by admin.

This is my first report as competition secretary. I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped me.

Over the past few months we have had three events to report on.

First off there was round four of the MSCA super sprint held on the 25th August.

We had four cars on track.

Rodger in his rebuilt GT6 who decided to trailer his car after engine problems and didn’t want to take any chances with the new motor.

Robin George in his TR7 who had no brake lights during scrutineering. He managed to get them fixed but unfortunately engine problems put an end to his day too.

Neil Martin in his TR7 v8 had a good run all day and managed a personal best time of 127.693in round two.

Duane Kaak in his TR7 v8 also had a good run during the day and achieved a personal best time of 130.038 in round three.

Congratulations to Neil and Duane.

14th & 15th September was the Modern Regularity Nationals at Mallala. First time ever a whole weekend competition.

3 Triumphs Competed. Robin George, Neil Martin & Duane Kaak all in TR7s Neil had a fuel starvation problem at top speed and in corners. When it wasn’t an issue, Neil was his usual “Peter Perfect” for the first few laps in each event and could have taken home the gold…..

Robin did well on day 1, but retired after an unusual tappet noise persisted before the beginning of Day 2.

Duane was doing well on day one but at the start of Day 2 he suffered a snapped throttle cable and needed a tow back to the pits. His car was repaired and back on track in no time to finish off a good weekend for him.

At the time of printing there were no results for round 5 of the MSCA Super Sprint held on the 20th October.

Enjoy your racing.

Dean Berlemon.

President’s Report – October 2013

October 11th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

It is spring, yippee. Better driving weather is now here and I hope you are all clocking up some k’s on your Triumph and blowing off the winter dust and cobwebs in preparation for our busiest time of the year in our TSOA Calendar. Taking the Triumph for a maintenance run, or even just to check the tyre pressure is also a good excuse to avoid having to mow the lawn (again.. just like you did last week, how does it grow so fast..???)

With Spring comes lots of new life, eggs hatch, flowers grow and thankfully we have new life in the Club in the form of new magazine Editors! A big thank you to Dean & Margaret for taking on this task. I encourage you all to make their job as easy as possible by overloading them with great photos and articles so we can continue to have a great club magazine. At the same time, send your submissions to our Website Manager also!

The Club wishes those about to head off in the coming weeks to the TSOA National Meeting in Queensland a safe and enjoyable drive and holiday away. I have run out of holiday money & time so can’t attend which I’m a little sad about as Noosa is certainly a top holiday destination, and mixed with Triumphs and old friends, sure to create some wonderful memories for those who are attending. I know many are taking it slow & steady to drive the journey in convoy with others. I’m hoping to hear nothing but success that our trusty Triumphs conquered those miles with ease.

The Club certainly has some great events coming up for the rest of the year, culminating in a Christmas Dinner which is always a great way to end the year. Until then I sincerely hope to see you and your Triumph one sunny Saturday or Sunday soon.

Duane Kaak

Socially Speaking – October 2013

September 28th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Spring glorious Spring. Nothing but Triumph’s on our Breakfast take 2 run – yes 17 out of 17 were glorious Triumphs out on a Spring run! Just wonderful to see a procession of our cars travelling through the hills.  Our Breakfast stop at Morialta Conservation Park was a lot of fun and thanks to Ian and Raelene Rigby for organising the run.

Bay to Birdwood cavalcade of cars will have been run by the time you receive this Trak – we hope all went well at out new observation site.

We hope all those attending the Queensland Nationals have a wonderful and safe event and come back with lots of stories to share with us all.

October 20th run to Roseworthy Agricultural Museum promises to be a great day. This date is their annual working display day featuring lots of the machines working that are otherwise only on static display.  These will include engines, machines, blacksmith, chaff cutter, and tractors on the field for a working display. BBQ lunch tea/coffee and cake are available for purchasing. Some homemade goodies – relishes, jams, sauces and plants also for sale.  Off site miniature train rides also available.

Day of Triumph – November 3rd at TTG Civic Park – gates open from 9.00am. We would like to see as many cars there as possible to make this our feature club day a great success. Dino Vitesse  Proprietor of Café Primo, Tee Tree Plaza, and TSOA member, has offered to provide Club members with a $5.00 Buffett Breakfast – between 9.00am and 11.30am.  This is a great offer from Dino and we hope many members will partake in this fantastic offer. It’s just a short walk across the road from the Civic Park – you could display your car and then cross the road for Breakfast! Please ensure you wear some form of club ID – name badge or regalia so Primo Staff are aware of who you are.

Mid week run on November 13th 10.00am Hazelwood Park Reserve.

All Triumph Rally on November 17th – Top of Taps 8.30am – should see the start of another keenly contested annual observation run. Alex and Sue Smithson will I am sure have set a challenging run to again to see who is the best in the club. A club sponsored BBQ lunch will be provided on the day – just bring your chairs, tables and drinks.

We finish off the year with our Annual Christmas dinner on Saturday December 7th at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club – registration forms were in September TRak and also in this issue. Please, please ,please ,book early to avoid our usual last minute panic. All bookings and monies need to be paid by the November meeting Tuesday 19th.

Birthday wishes to:

Dianne Falzon, Fay Esau, Cherie Lange, Dave Wilson, Peggy Argent, Lorraine Cini and me!

Till next time

Bill Berlemon