Report – Not the Breakfast Run

September 11th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Not the Breakfast run….

Well 17 Triumph’s arrived at Burnside Town Hall…yes 17 Triumph’s… (It’s the first time I can remember
ever having only Triumph’s on a run!) Waiting for instructions from Ian Rigby… as usual Ian had a great
run sheet…large font instructions and colored photo’s for intersections! So off we headed up the Freeway
to Crafers, then the back streets through Piccadilly, Ashton, Marble Hill and Montacute.

The roads twisted and turned but the scenery was fantastic, and the weather was great so no fog, or rain
(unlike the previous attempt for this event) for many people it was great to see the Marble Hill
Ruins..Although it was a fleeting visit, maybe next time our drivers might slow down enough for them to
look as well!

Down Montacute Road, to Stradbroke Road, and around the corner to Morialta Conservation Park where
parking was interesting, but in the end everyone parked and went into the park to set up their stoves to
cook Breakfast or Brunch!  A great venue and very popular, everyone had a good morning.  Thanks to Ian
and Raelene for setting such a beautiful run and a great park to complete the day!

Margie Berlemon

Socially Speaking – September 2013

August 27th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Our monthly club run on Sunday the 18th saw us take off from the Top of Taps in very wet, blustery conditions to Meadows and Mclaren Vale. About 25 members braved the day but ended up enjoying a spectacular run set by Rory and Sue Gibson.  We could have stayed home for the day, but would have missed out on a great event!

Our annual AGM was well attended and again with lots of arm twisting for committee members. Yours truly has again accepted the challenge for the next twelve months as Social Secretary with Margie’s help of course!

Future Events: September 11th mid week run, meet 10.30am at The Place Next Door.

Sunday 22nd – Breakfast run take two…From Burnside Town Hall…meet 9.00am

Sunday 29th – Bay to Birdwood. It has come to my attention that the routing for the event has changed so cars will no longer be travelling along Dequetteville Terrace. Hence a new meeting place….have a choice of two…(1) on Greenhill Road just before the cars will turn right onto Glen Osmond Road diagonally opposite KFC thereby giving us toilet/food facilities  OR

(2) at the time of printing the TRAK I am negotiating with Scout Headquarters 211 Glen Osmond Road to see if their car park in the front of their building is available for us to possibly hire for the morning – this will give us next door facilities of McDonalds. Therefore either check site one first, and if not there go to site 2 on the morning or ring Bill 0409849314 or check website for updates.

National Meeting 4th-12th October – Queensland – we wish a safe journey to all our participants.

Sunday 20th October – Club run to Roseworthy Agricultural Museum Annual open day.

A huge Congratulations to Duane and Meranie who got engaged in Paris on their recent trip overseas!

Birthday celebrations to Richard Sutherland and anyone else celebrating a Birthday or special event this month.

Hoping we find a new editor to continue after this month’s Trak to keep everyone informed of coming events. If not check the website for details, as this will become our communication to the members.

Till next time

Bill Berlemon

Club Run to Roseworthy Agricultural Museum 20/10/13

August 27th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Club run to Roseworthy Agricultural Museum

Sunday 20th October

Meet:  9.30am Bunnings Parafield, Main North Road (northern corner)

Cost:  $5.00 Adults (Family $12.00 max)

BBQ Lunch, tea &coffee& cake available.

Roseworthy Agricultural is a Working Technology Dryland Farming Museum, established in 1989 and run entirely by volunteer members of the Gawler Machinery Restorers Club Inc.

The Museum strives to present the history and the development of agricultural machinery, much of which was invented in South Australia. We do this by highlighting innovation and invention in our State, including the contribution through research and development of Roseworthy Campus, and the impact of local manufacturing.

Current Displays

– Restored vintage tractors: Holt 45, British Wallis, Howard DH22 and more.
– Restored Stationary Oil engines: Blackstone, Tangye, Campbell.
– Restored farm machinery
– Interactive model displays
– Farm memorabilia

Miniature train rides also available on the College Grounds.

A great Family day out!

Girl Torque – September 2013

August 27th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Thank you to all the ladies who have helped with the Supper Roster for the year we have now filled the calendar!

The Ladies Lunch went well with a few new faces which was good, and it is great to see Naomi and our youngest member Lily who is growing so fast join us! This year’s venue has proved to be popular but we need to decide if we are going back there in 2014.  Next Lunch is in October for those of us not going to the Nationals.

Hopefully the wet weather will clear up soon, and we can enjoy spring weather.

Margie Berlemon.

Run down South – Sun 18th August

August 18th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Run down South…Sunday 18th August.

As we got into the car on the wet and windy Sunday morning with coats, and umbrella’s I wondered why I
was doing this, and not staying in front of the fire with a book?  Well it’s because the run has been set,
people are expected to go, and well we were off….

People gathered at the ‘Top of Taps’ despite the blustering conditions, and Rory and Sue gave out the
instructions…I was happy because the first stop was to be at the Meadow’s Bakery…ah….Coffee….

So off we set through Clarendon, and the rain and onto Meadows where we met up in the dry for
Coffee….(despite the slippery wet floors, it became very noisy in the Bakery with some 23 Triumph fanatics
enjoying the coffee and a chat)

Off we set again, through Ashbourne, in the rain, and onto Nankita Road through the luscious countryside
with so much water…the dams were all full, as were most of the paddocks! Then we hit the fog, water
over the roads, and many side of the road waterfalls…it was very scenic despite the conditions.  We went
through McLaren Flat, onto the Blewitt Springs Road, Kay’s Road, past the wineries through the back area
of McLaren Vale and then onto McLaren Vale to the Pub for Lunch. A good meal was enjoyed by all.
Despite the bad weather conditions, the run was suburb, and Rory and Sue did a fantastic job…it was great
to see a few Triumph’s attend….ours was warm, dry and handled the conditions well, after all it is a British

Margie Berlemon.

President’s Report – August 2013 & AGM

August 11th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Its been a short year in the HOT Seat but again a huge thank you to all of those who have given me support and guidance and advice.

The committee intends to continue work on our Constitution this year, and just recently Mike Temby found a near original copy of our current one and a copy on a ‘Floppy Disk’. Technology has come a long way over time and the TSOA has embraced that with email, and a great and growing website.

It was a year mixed with sadness of the loss of some members including John Sampson & John Allnut who we all saw regularly and new well, but also exciting to meet some new members and new cars.

All in all we still have a very strong club, with some fun and professional events. If you were there, you know how great they were, and they are too numerous to list here. We have just as much coming up, so come along! Although Bill is the Social Secretary, his job is certainly made easier by the volunteers who set and managed runs throughout the year. Thank you to all who drove, mapped and double checked all the run sheets, rang and organised venues for morning tea, lunches and dinners etc to make our social events such a success.

I do so love the TRak magazine so I appeal to all of you to consider how we can continue this to a high standard.  It is a great record of our club, advertising us and the fun times we have in our cars, and each issue over the last 12 months and more has been superb. A Huge thank you to the outgoing editor, Richard Sutherland. He is also the recipient of this year’s Presidents Award.

I also see an opportunity to get more Triumphs on the stage, even repeats from years ago that I’d love to hear about what problems you may have had or repairs undertaken.

Although we have a couple of years, this year I would also like to  begin planning for our National Rally in 2016, an event that the TSOA SA can certainly be proud from our past performance.

Thank you all for the support over the past year, and I certainly look forward to the opportunities in the future.


TSOA Members and their TRiumphs

August 11th, 2013. Submitted by admin.


Part of the Chuck and Dianne Falzon collection at the 2013 All British Day – very “British” don’t you think?

Sporting Triumphs – August 2013

August 5th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Sunday August 25th is the TSOA’s turn to supply flag marshals for the 4th round of the MSCA SA Super Sprint Series. Volunteers don’t have to be at Mallala for the entire day if we supply enough marshals. Being a flag marshal is a great way to get an understanding of what competitors get out of sprinting. Each flag point is hooked into the event via radio communication so each flaggie gets to know exactly what’s going on during the event.

If you read my previous article you will know that the Mazda MX5 club had a very successful day when it was their turn to flag marshal. Most of their members had never been to Mallala Motorsport Park before and thoroughly enjoyed the day doing something they hadn’t done before. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us later this month which would make for a lovely picnic on the lawns.  Our recent rains have made the country very green and the plains of outer Adelaide look a spectacle.  Please contact me if you are available to assist me on the day. My contact details are in the advertisement for this event in this edition of TRak.

As I write this article there is no results posted on the web for the 3rd round of the Super Sprint Series held on July 21st. A full report of this round will be in month’s edition.

Neil Martin participated in a recent round of the Regularity season at Mallala. It would seem from the results Neil had a mixed day with a couple of DNF’s, a 4th in heat 2 followed by a 10th placing in heat 4.


Rick Staehr

President’s Report – August 2013

July 30th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

By the time you all read this, I will be travelling in Europe. As exciting as that is, I am also a bit disappointed I didn’t plan it better as I have just missed the Dutch ‘National Rally’ by 1 week.  My eyes will be keenly peeled though looking for Triumphs on the (wrong side of the ) road, and I hope to get a snapshot of one or two.

But wether I am in Europe, or in Adelaide, my eyes are always on the lookout for other Triumphs. They are not hard to spot, since buying my first one and joining the club, it has become so easy,  more of an automatic thing, rather than a hard task.

The hard task, is trying to get these unknown Triumphs to see what a great club we have. Obeying the road rules, it is almost impossible to catch up with one and follow it if they are headed in an opposite direction.

At this time of year, many Triumphs are off the road undergoing repairs and maintenance for the warmer weather. It certainly is the best time of year to drive your convertible in the Spring and Summer but it always warms my heart to see so many regulars out in their Triumph, no matter what the weather. The postponed Breakfast run was a perfect example of despite cold and pouring rain, the usual dozen Triumphs gathered together. Sure, they aren’t the most comfortable car to drive, but I know they are easy to spot, and certainly stand out from the crowd.

Nothing looks and sounds more impressive than a convoy of Triumphs together, all with their distinctive exhaust notes cruising along together. On the club runs, I truly enjoy being right behind another Triumph, seeing a Triumph in my rear vision mirror and switching positions a few times.  So for my benefit, and the benefit of the general public, on the next run, can I please strongly encourage you all to drive in a close (but safe) convoy together. What a sight and sound it will make!

Duane Kaak

Socially Speaking – August 2013

July 29th, 2013. Submitted by admin.

Twenty seven adults, 4 children and 2 babies sat down for Lunch at the ‘Slug n Lettuce’ on the 21st July, following a great run set by Bob and Lorraine Cini. It was their first run set for the Club and after about four goes and a speeding fine, a trial Lunch they got it right…Well done guys!  The ‘Slug n Lettuce’ provided a great Lunch in particular for children who received an activity pack, a special drinker, a yoyo and a balloon as part of their Lunch deal, at about $7.00 each.  My bangers and mash did not disappoint!

Upcoming events: Ladies Lunch August 13th Adelina’s Café, Burnside 12.00noon followed by our club run on August 18th – meet Top of Taps at 10.00am for a run down south….don’t forget Historic Registration expires on August 15th. The AGM is on August 20th where voting for all the committee positions will become very robust …I’m sure!

Flag Marshalling duties Mallala Sunday August 25th – please assist if you can and let Rick know if you can help out.

September includes mid week run, General meeting, Breakfast run take two and the Bay to Birdwood watch at Dequetteville Terrace. Check Trak for full details. Lots of good events coming up – let’s hope the sun shines and brings those Triumphs’s out!

Happy Birthday to the following members: Meranie Vermeer, Tammy Berlemon, Phyllis Rutter, John Wood, Megan Temby, Brian Argent, Mike Temby.

Till next time

Bill Berlemon.